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Aaron Mysliwiec

Aaron Mysliwiec’s client reviews

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  • Great lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Hired Attorney

    I started this process in December 2014.. I called a few lawyers and was discouraged. I read some reviews about Aaron and said that I needed to give him a call! Making that call, changed my life. When initially speaking with Aaron, I knew that I would hire him. He was honest and upfront.

    I was arrested for possession and sale of a controlled substance. I made a mistake at a party and got into a bad situation. I'm a professional who works a full time job. Aaron was always flexible with working around my schedule to ensure that I was able to talk at times that were comfortable for me.

    This process took about a year and I remained in contact with Aaron at least twice a month. He always kept me involved with any moving pieces.

    I am glad to say that this case is now resolved. All charges were dropped and I plead to disorderly conduct. A violation, which is non criminal defense. Keep in mind my initial charges were felony charges. I walked out of the court room ecstatic!

    Again, Aaron is a great lawyer. And I hope whoever reads this, finds this review helpful. It's not easy selecting a lawyer, but trust me when I tell you, Aaron is a great choice!

  • An amazing lawyer and more importantly a GREAT person.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marvin

    About a year and a half ago, I was facing some serious legal charges that could have resulted in serious jail time and possibly deportation from the United States. I had spoken to a few lawyers before being introduced to Aaron and honestly, they made me feel as though there was no hope for me in my situation. Seeing as though this was my first run in with the law, I was nervous, I was scared, I did not know what to do. I even had one lawyer tell me to just "go do the time you will be fine after no big deal".

    I was told about Aaron Mysliwiec by a friend who highly recommended that I give him a call. Facing felony grand larceny in the 2nd degree charges I figured why not... So I called up Aaron, we scheduled a meeting to meet at his office and we discussed my situation at length. I told him what happened and why and he was very honest and told me both the good and the bad possible outcomes in my case. He explained the process of surrendering myself to the cops, going through the system, getting bail posted and fighting the case from the outside. Up until that meeting I just assumed there was only one option for me and that was jail. At the end of our first meeting, I walked away feeling better that I had someone representing who cared about his clients and wanted to do the best job for them that he could possibly do.

    The days leading up to me surrendering myself to the cops, Aaron and I spoke daily. He wanted to see how I was dealing with it and constantly told me it was going to be fine. At my arraignment, he was there talking to my girlfriend and helping her get through it as well.. the attention that he gave me was unbelievable. I had never met this guy before but yet he made me feel as though we had known each other for years.

    As the case progressed, Aaron and I were on the phone daily. He kept me updated with everything that went on with the prosecutor. Anything I needed to know he would tell me, anything he thought I should know, he would call me and tell me. At one point in between court appearances, he had to leave town but he still made himself available to me if I had any questions.

    At the end of the case, I received a very favorable deal that resulted in no jail time. Which was what I was hoping for. I don't think one mistake makes you a bad person and I think he sees the good in people. All I wanted to do was do right by the victim in my case and repay my debt and get my life back on track.

    The effort put forth by Aaron and the compassion that he showed was unbelievable. I would recommend Aaron to anyone, any day, anytime. The absolute best!

  • Top Notch!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Colleen

    Aaron was absolutely the most communicative lawyer I have ever encountered, we were always able to reach him one way or another. His professionalism, humanity and understanding was beyond what I could ever hope for. He has Impressive skills and is a wonderful down to earth person to speak to as well as being tough enough to get things done. I highly recommend him!

  • Accused of Selling Felony Amounts of Drugs

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Aaron is not only an excellent lawyer, he is great person as well. I was arrested with over 35 capsules of Molly (an ecstasy like drug) and over 4 bags of marihuana. I was charged with 3 felony counts of selling, distribution, and possession.

    After my initial meeting with Aaron, which was a simple meeting to introduce each other and explain my situation, I immediately felt more comfortable about this grim situation I was in. Aaron also my made parents, who were extremely worried, feel comfortable as well.

    Throughout the case Aaron was vey candid and did not lie or give me any false impressions and I appreciated that because I could believe everything he told me. He never made me feel like the situation was better than it was or worse than it was he was always 100% honest and trusting. He was available to me and my parents at almost all times during my case until it was finished. If Aaron was ever unavailable he would immediately tell me how long he would be busy and when to call him back. I can appreciate that because while he was mostly available, he obviously has to attend court for other cases and could not be on his phone.

    After thorough research, Aaron was able to get my case 99% dismissed. The judge dismissed all charges for the Molly capsules and I was given an ACD for the marihuana. An ACD means that within 6months it will be as if nothing ever happened.

    I am extremely grateful to Aaron for giving me another chance to go through life and live in society as if this incident never occurred. I have already recommended Aaron to several people and would recommend him to anyone.

  • Amazing lawyer. Dedicated, gets results. Answers the phone and follows through. Figured out a complicated case.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Abuse client

    Aaron is an amazing lawyer. He gets results. He guides you through your legal issue and really helps you to understand what is going on. I had never needed a lawyer before and Aaron really guided me through my problem. When I was overwhelmed, he calmed me down and I was able to feel secure knowing I had excellent representation. He fought really hard for justice. He was personable, always responded to questions and was always available when I needed him. Aaron put my life back together after it had fallen apart and I will be forever grateful to him. I can't say enough good things about his work ethic and ability to produce results.

  • Flexible, Quick, Smart

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    When I got myself into trouble I had no previous experience with the legal system and was nervous. After meeting with Aaron, I felt at ease.

    I wanted my incident to remain anon., which required that I communicate during off-business hours, which was fine with Aaron.

    I received the outcome I was looking for -- just some community service. Nobody learned about my charges. Very satisfied.

  • Superior Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    If you're looking for an attorney that is not only successful, but also compassionate and responsive, then I highly recommend Aaron Mysliwiec. Besides the fact that Aaron is creative in his thinking and leaves no stone unturned, he fights hard for his clients. I always had confidence in his advice and felt his strong support throughout my " nightmarish" experience which he successfully resolved with a dismissal.
    Unlike other experiences I have had with attorneys, Aaron personally returned all of my phone calls in a timely manner and was a pleasure to work with. He is also very fair when it comes to billing, which is a real plus, as the last thing you need to worry about is trumped up fees on top of everything else.
    Aaron is an all around outstanding lawyer and human being. I will always be grateful for the personal effort and diligence he put into my case and I highly recommend him without reservation.