Karin Wolman

Karin Wolman

About Me 

My business immigration practice serves a diverse  range of corporate and individual clients in the sciences, finance, education, healthcare, social service and religious organizations, architecture, design & the performing, culinary and fine arts. I am a frequent speaker on immigration topics, and have served on a variety of committees for the New York chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) At the national level, I have served on the Board of Publications and Regulations Task Force.  I am the moderator of the O& P visa forum on the AILA InfoNet Message Center, a national intranet where immigration lawyers can seek advice, share information and discuss current issues and agency trends with their peers about visas for performers, entertainers, athletes, and other aliens of extraordinary ability in business and the sciences.


If you are an employer, I can advise you on hiring practices, help you obtain the right type of work visa or permanent residence for the foreign workers you want to hire and retain, and help you plan for the immigration consequences to your workforce of mergers and acquisitions.


If you are a student or professional, I can advise and help you obtain the right visa status for your short-term needs, and help you plan long-term visa strategy to accommodate your career & personal plans, which may involve visas, residence, and citizenship, for yourself and your family.

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