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Eliza Grinberg

Eliza Grinberg’s client reviews

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  • Best Decision I ever made.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lana

    Hired Attorney

    I am happy and still very emotional about my experience with Eliza Grinberg, but I will try to stick to the facts.

    What you should know about Eliza Grinberg:

    - She knows what she does and she does it well. She will answer any questions you have and come up with solutions you need.
    - Her communication skills are top level, which helps greatly during the most important and stressful moments of your case.
    - She will give you ALL information and knowledge you need, which will give you A LOT OF confidence. Your confidence is everything.

    On top of that, Eliza is a genuine and nice person. Not a bad thing for a lawyer at all!

    I never write reviews but I had to do it this time, because you should know this if you are looking for a lawyer.

    Thank you so much Eliza.

  • Great experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Iryna

    My husband and I needed a lawyer and we were referred to Eliza Grinberg by a close friend who was very happy with her services and professionalism so I decided to give her a shot. I went to see Eliza Grinberg and she explained the process and told us what to expect. She filed all the paperwork and prepared us for the interview. After about 6 month from the day I walked into her office, I was approved for Green Card. Not only was she diligent, but we really felt like she cared about the case. We would give her 6 starts if we could, thats how satisfied we were with her services. Great office. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer.

  • I never had an encounter with the law until I faced immigration issues. I felt lost - until I spoke with Eliza Grinberg.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eugene Rivera

    I never had an encounter with the law until I faced immigration issues. I felt lost - until I spoke with Eliza Grinberg.

    Ms. Grinberg skillfully and professionally presented my case in a timely manner. Ms. Grinberg is very intuitive to a client’s legal and other needs, and calmly communicates a strategic way forward in order that the client successfully achieve his or her goals.

    With time, the grossly exaggerated issues unraveled before me because Ms. Grinberg proposed and implemented a plan that helped me achieve my goals with complete success.

    Melissa, a colleague, listened to my numerous requests and kept me informed throughout the entire immigration process. In recognition of Ms. Grinberg’s preparation, persistence and personality, not only my immigration issues resolved successfully, but important family and domestic matters were resolved successfully as well.

    I recommend without hesitation that one consult with Ms. Grinberg and share every necessary detail with her regarding one’s case. Then you must listen to her! Ms. Grinberg is there to help, and that is why I went from holding a green card to becoming a proud U.S. citizen – because of her and her diligent efforts on my behalf.

    Ms. Grinberg receives my highest recommendation.

    Ms. Grinberg’s fees are most reasonable, especially when compared to those of other lawyers.

    Ms. Grinberg keeps her promises and shares only those suggestions that she deems relevant to the client’s best interests.

    Thank you, Ms. Grinberg! Mazeltov!

  • excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by victoria

    Me and my husband had a very difficult and complicated case. My husband was ordered deported more than fifteen years ago by Immigration Judge. We Thought that we would never be able to have a normal life in the United States. All of this changed when we came to Eliza Grinberg back in 2010. Thanks to her,
    my husband is now a Permanent Resident. Eliza was always willing to answer any questions that we had
    and her office was always very supporting and helpful.

  • Great Job!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ilya

    Extremly satisfied with their job! Everything was just perfect! People are responsible for what they doing and saying! All paper work on a high level! If need to ask smth, u can just call or mail them and u will get a respond as soon as possible! Eliza is the person who knows her profession! She tryes to understand you and yours situation with all tiny details! Questions come with idea not just for wasting time! She made me upset couple times with serious and personal questions about me, but after i understood, she just made me strong! And on the court i was absolutly prepared and ready to go! Appreciated her for the business! And another thanx for her assistent Khasan, great person who can give u a hand in any time! Whenever i asked him smth, i got a nice and correct answer! He called me lots of time just asking how is my business with papers and do i need any help! Its the reason to work with these people, because they don't think about your money, they think about the final result of hard work! All wishes!

  • Great experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hanna M

    I worked with E. Grinberg as a second lawyer on the same immigration case (the first lawyer was A.J.Segal, they worked together).

    She was very straightforward and didn't waste time for spare talking. She succesfully represented me at the court. She acheived the posivite results flawlessly and in a very short period of time.

    I appreciate her attitude towards my case and me personally.

  • Great work

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ekaterina

    I met couple of other lawyers before Eliza and I'm glad she was the one working on my case. I was referred by my friend who also had a really good experience with her. She doesn't give any promises and just does whatever it takes to get results. Supportive and strict when needed, knows what she's doing.

  • Political asylum

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Veronika

    Finding a smart, sophisticated,proactive, proper, diligent lawyer is really hard. Eliza was calm, patient and extremely attentive and responsive. I bombarded her with questions and she always remained professional and took great care to ensure that my queries were answered. Whatever, It was through a quick email or a phone call at office, Eliza always available and prompt whenever I needed her. Excellent lawyer! Excellent team! Excellent office! Once again Thank you very much Eliza!

  • Gay Russia case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Victoria

    I've been referred to Eliza Grinberg by one of my lesbian friends and will never regret the choice I made, not only because she (we) won the case, but also because it has been a great pleasure to come in to this lawyers' office and see an excellent team work. All paper work is always done impeccably and on time. The staff is professional and super friendly. Everybody knows what she/he is doing.
    My interaction with Eliza during our meetings was always straight to the point and my case (a Russian lesbian seeking asylum in USA) was treated in a very individual way. No cliches were applied. Eliza is working with your personal biography, deeply entering in details of your life, which are relevant to the case, and helping you with every step in building your story. I was impressed by how precise her comments and remarks were and after each consultation, I saw my situation differently and finally got to a full understanding of how I must present my self in front of the immigration officer.
    Eliza and other lawyers also train your psychologically for the procedure of the interview and when you are there, you are well prepared and not distracted by anything.
    I've found Eliza Grinberg very human as well. The combination of professionalism, experience and caring about every single client makes this lawyer very successful in the field, winning the majority of the cases. And I, personally, feel extremely grateful and delighted by this collaboration. I have recommended her to my gay friends from Russia and other former USSR republics and I will continue to do so. THANKS!:)

  • professionalism, promptness and kindness.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anarosa

    I met Ms Grinberg through a friend. He was denied political asylum and this lawyer fought his case and won big time. After visiting 3 lawyers I was desperate and called my friends for her number. I am a US citizen and my case had to deal with more than fraud. I was scare of spending money, however to surprise I no only got a free consultation but also a detail on how my cases would be fought and time frame. Ms Grinberg kept me informed of all the happening of my cases and gave me peace of mind sooner than expected. She also helped me as an attorney in other legal matters non related to immigration. I will always be grateful to her professionalism, promptness and kindness. I thanks her for always returning my calls and e-mails which is unusual of many lawyers. Yes I do recommend her service to anyone serious.