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Robbery Case Dismissed

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: Case Dismissed

Description: My client was arrested and charged with Robbery in the Second Degree. The allegation was that my client acting with several other individuals surrounded a women coming out of a subway station and one of the defendants snatched a gold chain from the victims' neck. Two individuals were arrested and charged with Robbery. One of the factors was that the victim identified my client as one of the assailants within five minutes of the crime being committed. My client and I discussed the case and as a result of those meetings decided to have my client testify in the Grand Jury because he was not involved in the robbery and he was misidentified as being involved in the crime and was falsely accused of the crime. My client, my paralegal and I met and went over the facts that he would present in the grand jury. I then went into the grand jury with my client for him to testify. After the grand jury heard from all the witnesses, the victim, the police officers, and my client they returned a No True Bill.

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