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Matthew Adam Pek

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  • Excellent Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Justin

    I'm a freelance writer, and Matthew Pek represented me a few years ago in a copyright dispute with a client. After being referred to him, I found Mr. Pek to be the best advocate I've ever had. He was always quick to answer emails and phone calls, even about the smallest matter, and he made sure to brief me on the progress of the case, breaking it down into language that even I could understand. I had been leery of lawyers in the past , but Mr. Pek changed this with his representation. He settled the case for me, to my satisfaction, and was never less than personable, professional, and above all, extremely effective. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • 1 of NYC's Best, Brightest Trademark Lawyers (Fashion Industry)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jackson

    I was referred to Matt Pek through a close friend in the fashion industry with me, who was very highly recommended as a young, smart, and fearless TM litigator in the fashion world of NYC who had experience in trademark and copyright infringement cases..

    I contacted Matt after hearing this word-of-mouth endorsement and he did not disappoint, but in fact proved to be a personal hero in a rather stressful (traumatic really) legal matter where a big designer fashion design co. sued me and my brand/label for trade mark infringement and false advertising and unfair competition in federal court in downtown Manhattan. Actually me my business partner and my company were all charged with infringement of the plaintiff (designer label)'s trademarks, "trade dress" and other charges of misapproriation of a well known plaintiff designer's intellectual property, and were all defendants in the federal case.

    Matt took me our case and was our trademark defense lawyer, which was in Federal court in NYC .... and got all 3 of us dismissed as defendants in 3-4 months, when he actually estimated 6 months for a decision on our motion to dismiss that he filed to defeat the plaintiff's bogus trademark allegations.

    Other than being busy - which I knew him to be based on my referring colleague, and which was obvious at our first consultation in person (which btw he did for free :) -- which made him somewhat hard to reach at times, but then again which I've learned is pretty typical for most NYC lawyers - it really all paid off AMAZINGLY for us in the end, and allowed us and our models/employees to showcase our designs and collections in time for the next season's Fashion Week in NY.

    Mr. Pek is young, energetic, loyal as can be, and VERY clearly knows his stuff (easy to see right away). And aside from being hard to reach from time to time, he really played a huge part in protecting (and even promoting - as Matt was clearly experienced in high-end retail, design, branding and son on) our fall fashion lines, which were going to be enjoined and prohibited by a federal judge or seized if we we didn't have a lawyer like Matt to defend our company - he's very bright, very sharp and FEARLESS trademark attorney who did us proud, even winning us a declaration judgment proving our brand was innocent and independent of the much larger plaintiff designers' intellectual property and trademarks.

    Super smart guy, surprisingly down to earth, young, vibrant fair and approachable. Highly recommend!

  • Matthew A. Pek- A true & fierceless advocate !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    I was referred to Matthew by colleague who had hired him on 2 or 3 occasions , and was obviously quite pleased with his work. When I found myself in a predicament with an employer, I was advised to call him for a consult. I was very pleased that Matt was very bright, had a very thorough understanding of corporate and commercial law, and, since he was a solo, had experience in many other areas, was not averse to research, had a significant amount of trial experience, as opposed to many attorneys in his age group who are spending days at the law library for the partners doing research and haven't written a motion since law school let alone seen the inside of a courthouse to do anything other than drop off and file lawsuits and complaints.

    Since hiring Matt he has worked tirelessly on my behalf, and with much success on the long journey we are on, to win the many small battles the make up the Larger war we are waging. He helps keep my spiritvs up when I am feeling deflated, and is a truly empathetic, kind, and a
    dedicated person- both to his clients and to the notion of justice. Matthew is not only my attorney for my current litigation, but is also my counsel in business related matters for my own consulting company. I trust him implicitly.

    Any review speaking negative makes me suspect of what the person was realistically expecting Mr Pek to do, as he has not a deceitful bone in his body. I suspect that review by the poor English is by someone who misunderstood expectations, and it should be removed as it us spiteful and no t helpful, which is against the guidelines.

  • Worst customer service ever

    1.0 star

    Posted by Chad

    I hired Mr Pek in May of 2013 to subpoena Skype to get user information. He assured me that he has done this kind of work many times and that it would not be a problem.The last time I heard from him was in July 2013. Since July 2013, I have left dozens of voice mail messages and sent several emails with no response from his office.

    Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

    Matthew Adam Pek’s response: “A word of advice to all clients or prospective clients seeking counsel: Do not pay anyone any money, especially without telling them first, be they a lawyer, doctor, mechanic or hot dog vendor, without getting something from them FIRST. Sometimes we refer to this as "security", a more general way to put it would be an "expectation" of some sort. In law, clients should - and most often do - get the benefit of both security and an expectation as to what it is exactly that this person, this attorney, is going to do for you, all in a single comprehensive document, uniformly referred to as a "Retainer Agreement" - which protects the client as much as it does the lawyer, but above all, offers the benefit of a roadmap of the nature and scope of services the lawyer is agreeing to undertake on your behalf, it tells the client either how much they can expect to pay, a close estimate, or more often than not, just HOW they will be billed (i.e., hourly versus contingency, etc) Chad here made a mistake, and decides to blame me for his own lack of sophistication and naivete (Rule #1 in life, that I've learned as an attorney: TRUST NO ONE, PERIOD. A disillusioning and disheartening realization to say the least, but I assure you, whoever you are and whatever you do, a word to the wise: NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. Sad, but true. Not realizing how naive and susceptible to online users willing to throw money down on every URL, which is not a fair description of Chad, but neither is it far from the truth - looked me up, asked me a few questions, we shared a brief email exchang e in which I outlined, in sum, my plan of attack, game plan, etc., put differently, Chad wrote me - again - having NEVER spoken to this person on the phone nor met them, NEVER; and I in turn explained how I would go about handling the matter were he to retain me. I also included a brief rundown of my fee structure in a line-item fashion, making clear for the reader what their options were, and what each would cost. Chad is upset and attempts to smear me here. I cannot help but sympathize, as I've made foolish decisions before too, more than most, and categorically in my private life rather than my profession. Without any prior authorization, pre-approval, or discussion about what exactly, precisely, specifically, he wanted from me, rather than CALL me, or just continue writing emails, Chad visited my online SquareStore (WHICH I'VE SINCE CLOSED AND DELETED FROM THE WEB TO AVOID THIS SORT OF NONSENSE GOING FORWARD), and BLINDLY paid me $550.00. I spent almost 14 hours on Chad's case. Despite the fact that I had never in fact agreed to take it. No retainer was ever discussed nor drafted, and frankly, I was forced to do the work as the process to dispute a charge for which you are PAID rather than PAYING, is protracted and painful to say the least. Not knowing exactly what this person wanted and never having met or spoke to them, I will openly admit that I was ultimately UNABLE to obtain the relief and information he wanted me to obtain from Skype. Well for all you out there who have been the victim of any variety of cybercrime, of which there are all too many now - I must respectfully urge you as follows: (1) NEVER PAY ANYONE WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOU'RE BUYING. THAT IS NOT "HIRING" SOMEONE, AND IS OBVIOUSLY UNWISE. WHAT, AND FOR THAT, ONLY THE CLIENT IS TO BLAME. SO, ALWAYS DEMAND A RETAINER AGREEMENT! (2) NEVER PAY ANYONE ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE SOME SENSE OF SECURITY AND/OR A CLEAR EXPECTATION OF WHAT YOU ARE GETTING IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR PAYMENT; (3) BEFORE YOU ENDEAVOR TO SMEAR SOMEONE, ESPECIALLY ONLINE, AND MOST OF ALL AN ATTORNEY AT LAW, PARTICULARLY ANY ATTORNEY GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE BEST EFFORTS TO SATISFY, FIX, AND RESOLVE ANY ISSUES THE CLIENT MAY HAVE, ... THINK 2X. AND CONSIDER WHAT THE ATTORNEY MAY KNOW THAT YOU DON'T, AND HOW IT CAN AFFECT YOU. CAVEAT EMPTOR APPLIES MOST ONLINE”
  • Amazing Advocate + Wealth of Knowledge

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Matthew Pek is an amazing advocate and an excellent lawyer to have on your side. I have used Matthew for 3 cases over the past 4 years and he has recovered in excess of 20k for me over a variety of complex cases. Not only is Matthew a wealth of knowledge in all areas of commercial law, but he is a truly talented litigator. When walking into court with Mr. Pek, you inherit the confidence that he exudes - this confidence is noteworthy as everyone in the courtroom can feel it and it has influenced a positive decision in several of my cases that Mr. Pek has handled.

    An overview of the cases that Matthew Pek has won for me:

    - Successfully recovered money owed from a client from a large software development project without having to go to court

    - Successfully recovered full amount of money owed from a client through litigation in small claims court

    - Successfully negotiated a large settlement with a client through a carefully structured payment plan that not only met my expectations, but was realistic for the client who needed to pay through a payment plan

    I cannot give higher recommendations for an attorney. Over the years, I have referred Mr. Pek to several of my colleagues and clients and he is now retained by 2 of my clients to handle their legal needs.

  • Simply the best. Trustworthy, honest and dependable. Best litigator in NY.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    Mr. Pek was referred to me at a time when I was in true need of a litigator who was capable of understanding things quickly, of being up to the challenge of fighting an uphill battle and who would fight for me tooth and nail in the name of Justice. Matt Pek seized that challenge and ran with it, he was actually motivated by the facts of my case and the way that my former attorney had mishandled it, he must have spent at least 40 hours on my case in two weeks while balancing a full schedule at the same time. He allowed me to participate in my own defense instead of telling me that he'd handle it and to leave it to him (which is precisely what my former attorney had done.) I've never met a smarter, more inspiring, braver person than Matthew Pek who has restored my faith in the law and who is one of the best litigators in NY already.

    When Mr. Pek is your opponent, it's best to settle. When Mr. Pek is your attorney, you can sleep well at night knowing that there's a guy with a brain like IBM's Big Blue fighting for you.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Geiselle

    Having been litigating my legal issue for almost 9 months as Pro Se, it has been EXTREMELY STRESSFUL, as I lack the expertise, the legal terminology and understanding of how the courts function. Mr. Pek, was able to explain the terminology, walk me through my case and explain the steps needed as well as the different strategies I could take in order to let the court know what I wanted to convey. Mr. Pek, didn't shut me out, close the door, and make assumptions or jump to conclusions. Mr. Pek, was very attentive, I felt he was trust worthy and in no way did I feel that I was under pressure. Mr. Pek's counsel was VERY on point, EXACT, and AGGRESSIVE in finding the right solution. His "thinking outside the box" strategy came in very handy in my case. Without his skills, knowledge, and patience, I would not have had a HAPPY ENDING, as in family court things become very personal.
    I would definitely retain his counsel again if i needed one in the near future.

  • Tenacious!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    Matt has been handling a case for me that has involved dealing with very difficult former business associates. He has advised me of the steps that need to be taken in order to claim what is rightfully due to me. Matt is extraordinarily persistent with bulldog determination.

  • "You are lucky to have a friend like Mr. Pek..." (as stated by the judge in Orange County, verbatim)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Benjamin

    Ironically enough, I looked up Matt's law firm when I first ran into some trouble with the law, about 3 years ago - the irony being that, in fact, Matt and I had attended the same high school, although we hadn't actually crossed paths...that is, until I found myself in a tight spot with the law, and thankfully (an understatement by far) I quickly found Matt after hearing he'd gone on to law school. I looked him up and found, he remembered me by name, treated the cases like they were family (caseS because going back a 2nd time was a no-brainer) and, frankly, I could go on forever singing his praises. He went, and goes, over and above in every instance possible. He seemed to know someone on the prosecution in every county we appeared at (and that includes Orange County, so I wouldn't even try to explain), and Nassau and New York City, where he knew everyone he needed to know to help me slide through the process. In case it isn't obvious, all went well. More specifically, 3 misdemeanors in 3 counties became 3 ACOD's. As I came to learn, this is pretty much unprecedented. I could go on in the same vein, but I hope this conveys the fact that Matt got the job done and left me feeling like I had a winner behind me.

  • Extreme Professionalism and Honesty

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Arbitration client

    Matt has been working with my company for several years now, when he was referred to us we had been working with 3 different attorneys as we had yet to truly trust and/or gain a much needed level of comfort. After working with Matt on 3 cases we decided to make him our primary Attorney which we could not be happier about. We have since been involved in 3 lawsuits of all types where Matt has remained victorious. My firm continues to work with Matt not only due to his undefeated track record but equally for his deep passion and drive in every aspect of all cases.