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Douglas Shaun Kepanis

About Douglas Kepanis

About me

I am a native New Yorker.  Inherent therein is the ability to detect BS – yes, I said BS.  I think growing up in New York enhances an attorney’s ability to fight for their clients – after all, as the song goes – “If I can make it there I can make it anywhere”.  That is not to say that my life has not been colored by the various places I have lived – California and Washington, DC come to mind.  Spending a few years in California was a dream come true.  You see, I play guitar and write music and going to California is every want-to-be rock star’s dream.  I played in a band for five years after graduating college.  Working in a band taught me the value of teamwork and the philosophy that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.  Playing in a band also gave me the opportunity to perform for a crowd – something that definitely has assisted my ability as a trial attorney.  Knowing how to play to a crowd (or, in the case of being an attorney, a judge), is an unquantifiable benefit to both my clients and me.  After graduating law school, I moved to Washington, DC, our nation’s capital.

It was in Washington, DC that I was in the belly of the beast.  You could feel the behind-the-scenes deal-making in the air.  It was electric.  Anytime I visited a restaurant, I would pass the tables of Congressman, US Supreme Court justices, attorneys, and lobbyists all jockeying for position to voice their opinion on the latest bill, legislation, or case.  The electricity of deal-making charged my desire as an attorney – wanting to ensure that my clients’ voices were the ones being heard the loudest.

When I opened The Kepanis Law Firm in New York years ago, I realized I would be able to bring my ability to work with clients, perform for judges and ensure my client’s satisfaction with the results of their cases.  I have been fortunate in that, in addition to my clients, my legal expertise has only been recognized by the FOX News Channel, WPIX-11, RTTV, various radio outlets, and the Huffington Post.  I hope that reading this bio gave you a sense of the man behind the law firm.  Whether you are a professional athlete, stay at home parent, blue-collar, white-collar, or no-collar worker, The Kepanis Law Firm is the law firm that  puts you first.

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