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  • How can i tell a debt collector is legit

    I would like to know if someone can tell me how can i tell if a debt collector is legit . Ive been getting call with threats if i do not return there calls there would be a bench warrant for my arrest . Please help i am very scared

    Ivan’s Answer

    Ask the debt collector to provide written proof of the debt and their ownership of the debt. if you make any deal with the debt collectors make sure they send you the agreement in writing before you make any payments.

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  • PL. suggest FREE Attorney for DIVORCE

    Filed divorce in Morris county ( NJ) through attorney. I am out of job for long time , I was unable to take care of attorney expenses further. 1) Pl. suggest me where/how I can get FREE attorney , so that I can transfer the case 2) Does FREE a...

    Ivan’s Answer

    As far as I know legal aid does not provide attorneys for divorce cases. Personally I have not heard of any attorneys taking on divorce cases on pro bono basis, particularly contested divorce cases which yours seems to be.

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  • Final hearing on restraining order

    I and my wife have restraining orders on each other for domestic violence and final hearing is coming soon. My understanding is that the prosecutor will try to talk both of us into dropping the restraining order on each other. If that doesn't work...

    Ivan’s Answer

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    there is no prosecutor at restraining order hearings. the party seeking the restraining order acts as the prosecutor since this is considered a civil case. you can contact the court to see if you can get an adjournment however this is not likely in a FRO hearing unless you have a very good excuse.
    if you do not show up, your wife will have to prove the case against you. if she does, she will get a restraining order based on her testimony. your restraining order will be dismissed if you do not show up.
    Having a restraining order entered against you can have very serious implications on your future life as it may prevent you from getting certain employment. You should consult with an attorney.

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  • Got arrested for shoplifting at local walmart in nj they have supposed camera evidence should I lawyer up

    It was for a 37 dollar phone case. I put it in my pocket paid for other items and was leaving was sto] ed outside and the cops processed me

    Ivan’s Answer

    It is usually a good idea to at least talk to a lawyer before making any decisions in such a case. a shoplifting charge will stay on your record and can prevent you from getting certain jobs and otherwise interfere with your career.
    An experienced attorney would be able to either get your case dismissed if there are problems with evidence, etc or get you into a diversionary program so that your charge is dropped after you do probation

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  • I just recently had three judgements against me in court about three old debts.. what are my options?

    I have no paperwork as I have moved recently and only knew about it after checking my credit report... what can I do?

    Ivan’s Answer

    There are a few options. You could have an attorney contact the creditor and work out a payment plan or a deal, usually you can get a discount on the total if you pay within a year.
    Or you could file bankruptcy to get those debts discharged. Your credit is likely shot anyway because of those judgments so it won't suffer from bankruptcy.
    Schedule a free consultation with debt relief/bankruptcy lawyer to get further info

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  • Husband abandoned me

    My husband is out of state for work and school, he rarely talk to me n doesn't acknowledge me as his wife. He talks very ill about me to friends and relatives but hardly answer my calls nor messages. He practically doesn't want nothing to do with ...

    Ivan’s Answer

    As other counsel pointed out, you don't need husband's signature to obtain a divorce. If you know his location, you can have a local sheriff/process server serve him with the divorce complaint. If he does not respond within 35 days, you can get a divorce through default judgment.
    You should consult with an experienced family law attorney to get a better idea of what can be done

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  • Child Support agreement. Order still binding? Paying directly to parent not probation dept.

    I was told aprox 5 years ago, that I had a child, which was a product of an affair. He is 18 years old now. At the time I was told she came to me and said that she wanted DNA testing and was going to file for child support. We both agreed to avoid...

    Ivan’s Answer

    this is a tricky situation. generally in nj a parent must pay child support until the child is emancipated. emancipation can be defined by agreement (if it is not defined by agreement, generally the child does not become emancipated until he/she is done his/her eduction, including college).
    If this case were to go to court, most likely the judge would order you to continue paying until the child is done with school (including college if he goes to college).
    There are many factors here, you should meet with a family law attorney to discuss in detail

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  • Can I introduce new evidence the day of Oral Arguments? (Family Division)

    An enforcement motion was filed against me to enforce a Final Judgment. I filed my Cross Motion in response showing my address at the time of the original divorce proceedings and to show ineffective service. The opposing side filed their response ...

    Ivan’s Answer

    If you are strictly responding to what the other side has said in their cross motion, you can introduce new documents at the hearing. it will be up to the judge to decide whether or not they will be considered.
    You can also call up the judge's law clerk on Monday and ask if the judge would permit you to submit a written answer to their response along with the documents you are seeking to use. The judge might permit you to put in a written answer at his/her discretion.

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  • Where do i file a motion for extension of time for answering a foreclosure complaint?

    I was never served the complaint, and I filed an affidavit with superior court in trenton but it was returned as deficient. I want to refile this affidavit with my motion paperwork. Do I address notice of motion to superior court clerk in trenton...

    Ivan’s Answer

    Sounds like you may have a default against you already. If that is the case you would need to file a motion to vacate default so that the court permits you to file an answer out of time. First call the foreclosure office in Trenton to find out if there is a default.

    As for extension of time to answer, generally you would call up the lawyer on the opposing side and ask him/her if they would agree to give you an extension of time to answer. Usually this is no problem if there is no default in place. You would need to get a stipulation extending time to answer signed by both parties which you will then file wit the court

    As for where to file, it is usually best to file with the foreclosure office in Trenton especially when the case is uncontested (as yours is so far). After a contesting answer or motion has been filed they will send it down to the local county court for disposition. After that you can file your papers either in Trenton or at the local county court

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