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Joan Geraldine Geiger

About Joan Geiger

About me

12 years ago I converted my succesful law practice into a Mediation practice  because I believe mediation is the best way to proceed for almost all couples. It saves money, (lots), time, and most important, emotional distress.  For couples with children, it is absolutely the best way to proceed and in my practice, we emphasize the needs of the children. I am often asked if mediation can work when one person is contentious or difficult.  The answer is YES.  After nearly 30 years of  working with divorcing couples, I enjoy challenging cases and people. 


My office is comfortable, relaxing and welcoming because people think clearly and make better decisions when they are relaxed. The average couple comes to mediation for 3 to 5 sessions for 2 hours at a time.  The process takes several months, compared to several years in court.  The total mediation cost is generally equal to what one party would pay as a retainer for one attorney!!! 


Mediation is my vocation. It is how my talents and skills are best utilized to serve others and earn a living and support my own family.  I am divorced, remarried and have 2 children.