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Kyle L Mastro

About Kyle Mastro

About me

I was born in New Jersey and raised outside of Philadelphia. I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Once I finished with college, I decided some sun was in order and moved to Miami to attend Law School at the University of Miami School of Law. While in Miami, I was a CLI for the Miami Dade State Attorney's Office, prosecuting misdemeanors and DUIs, and assisting in the prosecution of felonies ranging from sexual assault and burglary to armed robbery and murder.

As it turned out, Florida had too much sun. Missing the seasons, I returned to New Jersey, and upon my return decided to follow a lifelong dream of opening my own small business. Since opening my doors, I have continued to focus on Litigation, but have expanded from criminal law into all manner of litigation; criminal, civil and family law. In order to better serve the community I have also expanded my practice into the area of Bankruptcy.


Primairly though I focus in consumer law. Most of my cases involve defending everyday people from multimillion dollar junk debt buyers. These companies buy accounts for pennies on the dollar and attempt to gain an unearned windfall suing consumers for the entire debt. Upon seeing this practice it simply struck me as being inherently unjust, as such I've crafted my practice around defending these lawsuits and suing the debt collectors who make their living in this manner under the FDCPA.

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