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  • Can I go to meetings at AA, or IDP to help before my case? I want to prove to the judge I am utterly ashamed of my DUI.

    Asked by a user in Hamilton Township, NJ - about 1 month ago.

    You can go to AA, but whatever you do don't discuss what happened or make any admissions. The next step, which is the most important step, is to hire a lawyer who specializes in DWI Defense. While...

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  • Dui thrown out in court likelihood?

    Asked by a user in Fort Lee, NJ - 4 months ago.

    Wow that is a loaded question. So, I will say it depends. I have seen field sobriety tests improperly administered/ or even seen a person pass them, yet still be convicted because other observations...

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  • How likely is jail time for a 3rd DUI charge?

    Asked by a user in Collingswood, NJ - 5 months ago.

    The answer depends on whether you pleaded guilty to an underage DWI (39:4-50.14) or full fledge DWI. If the two prions were just the underage offense, then this is a first. However, if you pleaded...

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  • Is it worth hiring an expert in a dui case for a condition I have "Gerd"

    Asked by a user in Watchung, NJ - about 2 months ago.

    GERD can be a legitimate defense. Basically, this occurs when there is a defective lower esophageal sphincter which allows gases and other things to return up the esophagus into the throat and mouth....

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  • Can my friend go back to court to fight 2dwi convictions. .

    Asked by a user in Lakewood, NJ - 5 months ago.

    Yes he can. First, he would need to hire a lawyer. Second, the Lawyer would have to request a copy of his transcript of his plea to see if he was advised of his rights to spam to an immigration...

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  • Is there any lawyers in hunterdon county that will accept payment plans for a dui

    Asked by a user in Flemington, NJ - 4 months ago.

    Unfortunately, it is against the posting rules of AVVO to solicit clients or suggest they be hired. Therefor, I recommend that you call a lawyer directly. However, you do NOT need a Hunterdon lawyer...

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  • DWI in my driveway

    Asked by a user in Howell, NJ - 4 months ago.

    In order to find you guilty of DWI, one of the elements the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, is that you OPERATED your motor vehicle. To prove operation they must prove: You had...

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  • My husband get DUI in NJ.Can he get a valid driver's in other state before his NJ driver's license will be revoke?

    Asked by a user in Cherry Hill, NJ - 28 days ago.

    Your husband may be able to get a license in another State. However, he may not drive in New Jersey with any license. If he were to do so, during his NJ suspension, he could be facing sever penalties...

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  • Cdl driver got a dwi. What chances do i got?

    Asked by a user in Camden, NJ - 3 months ago.

    Well, you got yourself in a jam, but not an unbeatable jam. There are many ways to fight a DWI and it starts with hiring the right lawyer, you can't afford not to. First, our lawyer needs to look and...

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  • About 10 yrs ago, I got my 4th DUI and the judge suspended my license for 20 yrs.

    Asked by a user in Holmdel, NJ - 5 months ago.

    You may have been improperly sentenced, even if you were in a school zone. Under existing car law, a school, zone violation is NOT enhanced by prior DWI's. Rather, you could only be convicted of a...

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