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Supti Bhattacharya

About Supti Bhattacharya

About me

I offer creative, cost-efficient solutions to address complex legal problems. In my years of experience, i have guided hundreds of families through the process of separation and divorce, handling the business aspect of this difficult time in their lives so that they can better focus on the emotional aspects. This allows clients to find clarity in their decisions and make wiser choices for themselves and their families.


What also sets me apart from my colleagues is that, having been born in the United States but raised in a conservative Indian family, I have a unique perspective on family disputes based on my understanding of both American society and our legal system in New Jersey, as well as cultural and sensitive, personal issues that often lead to family disputes. Every person comes to the point of a divorce for his or her own reasons and due to different causes, and I search for that information first and foremost in the initial consultation so that I can help map a plan for each client which fits the individual's needs. Structure and stability, now and into the future, are what I try to achieve for every client.