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Brad J Spiller

Brad Spiller’s client reviews

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  • EXCELLANT lawer, trustworty & CARING FOR YOUR SITUTATION, would highly reccomend Mr.Spiller to ANYONE, EXCELLANT LAWER 4 ANYONE

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Mr. Spiller was and is exceptanal & excellant lawer who was very compassionate to my situtation, his bankruptcy knowledge is second to none, he was able to save my home from foreclouse and to stop the bank from trying to take my home through a 2nd mortgage because he was determined & knowledgable enough to have the courts dismiss my 2nd mortage & for me it was an incrediable relationship saving me thousands of dollars, I have never had a more personal relationship with someone of his stature, he kept in personal contact with me & gave me up to date information whenever I asked & even when I did not ask he would get in touch with me personally to keep me up to date, his trustworthiness & caring for his client is second to none, I would highly recommend Mr.Spiller to anyone who hs any legal problems as he would& will take the time to talk in layman terms & not use a lot of legal mumbo jumbo, as mentioned he would explain my situtation in a way I would understand & I never came away from a meeting or conversation wondering "what was it he just said"
    He also under took a lot of time at his personal expense as I was not charged what a normal attorney would charge because he understood my finicial situtation & was willing to wave a lot of his attorney fees to help settle my bankruptcy proceddings, this man is in a class by himself & is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met in my 60 years of life, I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who has any type of legal trouble, I personally would like to thank him for what he has done for me again he saved my house that my children & I have lived in for the last 22 years from foreclouser and I'm sure he would do for you as he has done for me again my thaks to an attorney of your style & statue, Thanks Brad you saved me an old cripple man & my daughters from losing our home

  • review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Chapter 13 client

    Mr. Spiller roped us in assuring us that he could help us do a Chapter 7 and collected his $1800 fee up front. His per diem paralegal did the means test and informed us we could only do Chapter 13 Plan. Mr. Spiller tried to get us to do 3 year pay back but upon further questioning we decided to go with 5 year as it would cost the same. Then our mortgage company filed on our claim to get included for attorney's fees which was brought to our attention by the court that it was improper. Mr. Spiller after avoiding numerous phone calls stated that it didn't matter. Maybe not to him maybe not to changing the amount that was set to pay.

  • Lisa

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Brad did a great personal injury job for me a few years ago. I was very impressed with his knowledge, respect for me and the law. I would definitely use this lawyer again.