I was recommended to Carolyn by a friend when i was in need of a divorce attorney and i think it was the best decision i made to hire her to represent me. If you can find the attorney that fits your requirements and understands your issues, half the battle is already won - in my case i am very happy with her services. She gave me a lot of confidence and a belief that i am of worth. She outlined the issues involved legally upfront and was very empathising with all of my issues and concerns. This is something i valued since I was going to go through a divorce, unsure of what to expect. Carolyn is extremely good with her responses to queries sent to her via emails. If she senses an urgency, she will promptly respond within minutes and truly lets you sleep peacefully at night knowing that your back is safe! The communication of paperwork is very efficient - all documents are clear to understand with prompt responses and mailings. I will also mention here that her support staff at her office is very polite too. I remember going into her office teary eyed once, and her support staff member reassured me that Carolyn will take care of me. That was enough to give me comfort at the time. She is very knowledgable about the law pertaining to her field and gives honest advice - whether you like it or not! As i have spent time with her, i have realised that she may look tough on the outside, but she has a very concerned heart and is very empathetic to a situation. She stands by what is right and i will always recommend her. I feel she made a difficult phase in my life a lot easier since she was there to save my back!