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Steven Sahag Vosbikian

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Gita

    Hired Attorney

    How can i Say Thank you !

    We chose Mr Steven Vosbikian after we moved to NJ and we did a lot of research in the internet . He was the lawyer of my daughter who had filed for citizenship and denied one time in other state due to some defects in the documents .Then we filed through steve .He was very very responsible ,caring and we got his legal advice and my daughter had another interview and in a short time just within 4 months ,she got her interview and she successfully completed all requirements which Mr Vosbikian asked us to provide and she became a US Citizen which was the best day of our life .Then my daughter filed for me (as her mother) to be able to get green card .Tthis time again ,I preferred to choose Mr Steven Vosbikian to present me to UCIS from the begining ,to do everything right and with no mistakes .Because even small mistakes in any portion may cause a lot of delay in your case .I submitted all the documents needed through steven ,properly and with enough evidences .
    I got my green card very soon just in 9 months after filing .all the time he was very responsible ,very caring and calm and professional .I got my work permit and driving license and travel document very soon just within a few weeks after Steven filed for me .whenever i had a question he had great passion to answer all my questions and fallowing my case and updating me with emails ,telephone calls ,messages and any time of day or night if i had a question he was very responsible to solve all my problems.I had met so many lawyers before but none of them were like Steve .He was always positive responsible and i always felt there is someone who knows what i am ,what do i want and cares about me .someone who knows me and believes in me .he is young but very experienced and professional like his father Mr Vosbikian senior. he is very nice ,welcoming and trustful and accountable .
    it is hard to introduce yourself to UCIS ,because we come from other countries and we need those who are really expert and professional to present us ,help us ,introduce us ,and save us .US Is my dream land .I love My new country and i am honored to be a US permanent resident .I owe all of my happiness to Mr Steven Vosbikian ,junior who supported me and my daughter in our cases ..He is great lawyer ,awesome human being ,with very warm personality and nice ,gentle character .He is the best in his profession ,Honest and dependable.
    I will never forget the moment ,early morning at 7 Am he called me and congratulated me on my approval .he was with me and my daughter from the first moment till the end of our journey in UCIS .I definitely recommend him to all people who are looking for a professional expert ,motivated immigration lawyer .Every money i paid worth and Now i am A permanent resident in my dreamland and my daughter is a US citizen .I am proud to be in this country and i have my happiness through MR Steven Vosbikian .I don't know how to thank him for my happiness .He is always in our prayers .God bless him and good luck to you who really and sincerely want to be a permanent resident of USA and serve this great country .I am sure you will be blessed if you hear my words .And thank you again Steve !

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Anton

    Excellent services

    In my situation I felt like I was almost helpless. After searching numerous agencies for the immigration service I needed, not one was more promising than Vosbikian and Vosbikian. I cannot thank Mr. Vosbikian enough for his hardwork. Although it is his job to do what he can to help as a lawyer, he made it known that his job isnt complete until his clients are complete. He answered questions I had no idea how to find and help me understand things I couldn't comprehend. He is very dedicated to what needs to be done to get it done right the first time around. He doesnt make you feel like your just another case but its personal once he is involved and for that I wouldnt recommend any one other than himself.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Haig

    THE best attorney

    Steve Vosbikian came highly recommended as an immigration attorney, and let me just say he lives up to his reputation.

    My wife and I got married in late December and we hired Steve sometime in January. We felt at ease from the very beginning. He explained the process, timeline, and all costs involved upfront for the process of my wife obtaining her green card. Per his explanation everything went as planned, like clockwork. He not only follows up but follows thru.

    When our final interview date came, Steve was not only present, but punctual (this is rare with any attorney). I was pleasantly surprised to see that he is well known and liked in the immigration offices. More importantly for our interview, Steve had all our documents, translations, and evidence prepared for us before our interview with the officer.

    My wife and I had a very difficult officer, needless to say, if Steve was not present and prepared I can assure you that both my wife and would be having a very long distant relationship. I am so grateful for all that Steve has done for us. I'm happy to say we now have a baby on the way!

    The best part of this entire experience is that Steve not only lived up to his reputation, but he was also very personable.

    Thanks again!

    -H&S V.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by swito

    Excellent, Honest & Professional Immigration Lawyer!

    Mr. Steven is very professional, very knowledgeable, very responsive, very friendly and keep me informed. His expertise and professional judgment was instrumental in obtaining a favorable outcome for my case. Mr. Steven has taken care of my entire immigration process with grace, professionalism, commitment and pride. He has done a fantastic job with everything related to my Green Card. He has been extremely professional with the correspondences, advice and meticulous with the paperwork. I am truly thankful to Steven to Get my Green Card for less than 6 months. He always reply / contact me back whenever I called / texted or emailed him. What's very important is that his attention to detail and thoroughness and in-depth knowledge of the U.S. immigration law. This well-experienced attorney is definitely 100% trustworthy and I highly recommend Steven to any friends, family & other people who need immigration services for his/her/their case. I promise you won't regret it!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Janice

    The Best Lawyer

    He is very professional and organize his documents, very knowledgeable on the immigration law and interview, He is Friendly and nice. he also cooperated our schedule to meet us, so I could convenience to go to his office to meet with the lawyer, for me so I don't need to take my day off.
    I strongly recommend to use this lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    DV Hearing

    Simply Put, Steve is just AWESOME! He's an amazing person and knows exactly what is and is not needed to win the case. I spoke with 4 other lawyers before speaking with Steve, and he was able to understand the case, listen to everything I had to say, analyze and come up with a strategy, and provide comforting advice to help me stay strong until the trial. He was available via phone call, text messaging, or email and the responses were almost immediate. He showed up to court 30 minutes before I even did and stayed with me throughout the entire day (almost 9 to 10 hours)! He bought a lot more to the court room than merely facts and evidence to justify my innocence. At the end, we won the case, and it was great to see that he was as excited and proud as I was. He not only treated me as a client, but also as a friend, and provided a very welcoming atmosphere. All in all, I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who wants a lawyer that will fight and stand by his/her side to make sure he/she gets the best representation in the court room!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nikolay

    Great immigration lawyer

    I used Steve Vosbikian to obtain my green card. I found him to be very efficient, organized and more than 100% prepared. It was very easy and pleasant to work with him. I would higly recommend him as an immigration lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    removal status

    My i-485 was pending for 5 years ice finally showed up at my house looking for me, they sent me a letter of removal I went to a later in Philadelphia and he told me he could not help me but he will recommend Steven Vosbikian, I called Steve the same day explained my situation and we took it from there.
    Steve sent statements and letters and everything possible he can come up with and he was able to prove to USCIS I was not in a fake marriage that they were accusing me off, Steve spent a lot of time on my case his prices was very reasonable compare to what other attornies was charging me this guy went all out for me deep down in my heart I know he went all out.
    I was frustrated but he always kept my hopes high and at the end we won.
    I moved on remarried Steven again did everything possible for me to get my green card, he always take my phone calls and return my texts in seconds he always kept me up to date on my case.
    I now have my green card thanks to him and his professionalism my life is back to normal and I will recommend this guy 100 percent.
    Don't believe it when people say lawers is all about money to this guy money was never ever an issue.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mateusz

    Naturalization made easy

    I was fortunate to have found Steven through the Avvo website. Steven made himself available from our first meeting by sharing all of his contact information immediately. We began the application for naturalization in our first meeting and he walked me through the entire process.

    Steven truly took all of the stress out of the entire process: he would intervene with case workers, engage clerks respectfully and all the while doing it with a sense of urgency. He kept me in the loop in the entire process and when I had a question about anything he would promptly answer be it by phone of by email.

    I felt that he had my best interests at heart and was advocating on my behalf at all times. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone who is in need of legal representation as it relates to the naturalization process. Thank you Steven Vosbikian for helping me become a United States citizen. I will be forever grateful.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcia

    INS Dilemma

    My husband and I encountered a very disrespectful interview with the INS. There were materials that were not understood by the officer which lead us to our case being denied. We call Steven Vosbikian firm and was met by Steven S. He gladly took the case after hearing about our INS dilemma. He was so confident that the case would be successful, we just relaxed and let him do his job. After a couple of meetings and signing of forms, my husband was on his way to getting his green card. It took approximately 6 months and my husband now have his green card. We would gladly recommend Steven S, to anyone who is going through Immigration proceedings. Steven has a very magnetic personality and was very easy to communicate with. He was well prepared for our interview appointment which lasted for about 10 minutes and was a very favorable outcome as promised by him.