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Jerold E Rothkoff

Jerold Rothkoff’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joanne

    On top of their game.

    As a legal professional with some familiarity in the field, I came to the Rothkoff law office to address my parents' situation last year. I have been working with the firm as a client since that time. I must say that I agree with the recent prior reviews. All of the staff is professional, responsive and caring. Specifically I don't know what I would have done without the help of Janie, Alicia and Amy Jo. There are many twists and turns and ever evolving issues with aging parents.

    I have known Mr. Rothkoff for several years, but did not know the magnitude of the service provided until I needed it myself.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Suzan

    Review of Rothkoff Law Group

    I was in need of an elder care law firm when we had to find a long term care facility early in 2013. With no prior experience in working with this type of lawyer, I was unsure what to expect. After several hours of hearing from Jerold Rothkoff and his staff, I felt more convinced that I had made the right decision to use them. Why? They were very forthright in their presentation and approach; were experts in the field of Medicare, knowledgeable in the area of nursing homes and rehab facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and would attend any patient care conferences in the facility of our choice.

    As soon as I contracted with them, we worked closely with them. With their streamlined process of gathering personal information needed to set up the account, it was quite easy for me to pull together what they needed. We reviewed that my father would not benefit from a VA facility and looked at all possible local area rehab/nursing facilities.

    His administrative staff was very efficient and set up follow up appointments and calls. The two key people I dealt with were Alicia Kagan for Medicare benefits and Janie De Leon-Male who attended all patients care meetings. Each person was critical in getting my father on Medicare and Medicaid and visiting the facility when I was not there and communicating with the management there.

    Now that my father is on Medicaid and in the right facility, I am very satisfied that he is in good hands where he is. I feel confident that by using an experienced and highly motivated elder care law firm, all the expectations and needs that I had were handled and I am very happy with the outcome.

    I would absolutely recommend this law firm to anyone who needs guidance and action concerning their elder family members.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lorraine

    An Exceptional Experience

    Jerry Rothkoff and his team of experienced professionals worked diligently over the past 7 years to assist both my father and my mother with their elder care needs and legal assistance. While they are both now deceased, I am ever-grateful for the guidance, resources and exceptional service provided as both of my parents' needs progressed based on their health and economic conditions. From applying for Veteran's Benefits and Medicaid assistance through locating appropriate personal care and nursing home facilities, I was thoroughly impressed by the level of dedication and professionalism, prompt follow-through and knowledge demonstrated by Jerry and his staff. This type of guidance and legal services inclusive of planning through the end their lives was invaluable. Being a caregiver to both parents is a huge responsibility and having help every step of the way is truly a gift. I am so thankful that my parents selected the Rothkoff Law Group to handle their elder care needs.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Donna

    Rothkoff Law Group -

    There comes a time in most families when you need to face the inevitable, this was the year for my family. Mom and Dad both aging and no plan in place. We found the best elder care legal advice with Jerold E Rothkoff and his firm. We have trusted their advice and my parents are in a better place because of it. Thank you, Rothkoff Law Group for all of your help.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Judy

    Wonderful Law Firm

    Mr. Rothkoff and his staff are fantastic! His law firm not only offers legal counseling and legal assistance but also offers an array of other services in the area of Elder Care Law. He has a Geriatric Care Coordinator that has gone out on multiple occasions to visit my parents in Assisted Living. She has made recommendations to the facility in the best interest of my parents. All of his staff are very nice, professional and helpful. Mr. Rothkoff and his staff are extremely responsive to any of my concerns and questions. They are very knowledgeable in Elder Care Law and are very caring people. They really offer a human touch which means more than anything. I would highly recommend Mr. Rothkoff to anyone seeking elder care assistance.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Earl

    A Satisfied Customer......Thanks to Jerry and his Team

    My family and I just completed a very successful two year working agreement with Mr. Rothkoff. During this time, he and his staff provided exceptional legal guidance to us regarding the care of our elderly parents. Through the creation of wills and power of attorney documenation, assistance during the admittance process to long term care facilities, and keen advice on"asset protection" alternatives both before and after our father's passing, Jerry and his team of professionals gave us comfort and confidence to know that we were following through with our parent's wishes and were providing the best care possible for them and their loved ones. Personally, I found the entire team an extreme pleasure to work with. They were timely on their scheduled calls/visits, informative on all data that they provided, and gave me a feeling of hope during very difficult times. I would recommend Jerry and his team for any elder care counsel/advice that one may need.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Denise

    Peace of Mind

    I was suddenly faced with having to have my mother enter a nursing home. It is an overwhelming, life changing experience and one I know I could not have managed by myself without the expertise of Jerry Rothkoff and his firm. Jerry and his staff are always just a phone call or email away to provide me with legal advice, guidance and, in many instances, moral support. Every member of Jerry's staff is expert in a particular area of elder care law and the process and paperwork involved. I am glad I retained the Rothkoff team.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Alice and Dan

    Rothkoff Law Group, a great help for the elderly

    We are very happy with the services we are receiving from the Rothkoff Law Office In Cherry Hill, NJ
    They are helping us with the care of our elderly parents situation. Everyone in the office is an asset.
    We have needed help with their financial situation, healthcare, veterans benefits, etc. and Mr. Rothkoff and his large staff are very thorough and helpful.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Toni

    Jerold Rothkoff

    Jerry is a miracle worker. I had no idea how difficult helping elderly parents could be. Jerry and his staff were there every step of the way. He made sure my father was always taken care of and safe in the nursing home. He made sure that my mother was financially secure for her future. He and his wonderful staff has spent numerous hours working with me. I never once felt alone since Jerry started helping me. He is aware of the emotional toll that Alzheimer's disease has on families. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of his help. Whenever I call the office, someone is always there to help. I have and will recommend Jerry to family and friends. Words cannot express my gratitude towards this wonderful man.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jackie

    Amazing Law Firm

    Mr. Rothkoff has an amazing law firm. Everyone who worked with me during my husband's illness was absolutely amazing, and I emphasize amazing!!!! They are extremely knowledgeable and efficient, always going 'above and beyond'. Every question I had was answered ( and I had and still have many), every concern was addressed. I don't know how I could have endured such an extremely stressful situation without their help.

    Special thanks are extended to Alicia, David, Jacinda, and Jennifer; and of course to Mr. Rothkoff himself.

    I would recommend this firm to anyone treading through the complex, confusing, frustrating waters of elder care.