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Michael A Ferrara Jr

About Michael Ferrara

About me

This October will mark the 40th Anniversary of being sworn in as an attorney in Pennyslvania.  Next February will be the 40th in New Jesey.   After representing over 4,000 clients in the personal injury field, I finally think I know what I am doing.   My clients are happy because when they compare their results with their friends and familes, they are pleasantly surprised at what a good job our firm did for them.  

Yep, I did lose some trials, but most of my 250 jury trials turned out quite well.   I really enjoying helping folks, and I would like to do more pro bono work for returning veterans.   We're here to help you.   Please also listen to my radio show on the CBS station in Philadelphia, WPHT, 1210 AM.   The show is called The People's Law School and it is on weekends.  You can listen live on the web at, where you can also listen to past shows.    

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife of 41 years, Penny, and five great childen and two grandsons.