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Lawrence M Berezin

Lawrence Berezin’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Prepare a Client for a N.J.Car Accident Deposition

    This is the tipping point in your client's N.J. car accident case, which some lawyers view as an inconvenience to be avoided at all costs. It is a bad idea to wait until the day of the deposition, or ask your secretary to prepare your client. This is your client's day to shine.

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  • Client's Guide to a Medical Malpractice Case

    Dr. Jones assured you it was a relatively simple procedure, which he performed 100's of times in the past. You trusted Dr. Jones, so you were relaxed as you succumbed to the anesthesia. When you awoke, Dr. Jones was standing by your side. Margaret, we have a problem...

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  • How to Fight a New York City Parking Ticket

    I Just Received a NYC Parking Ticket, What's Next? Take a photograph of your vehicle in the parking space in which your parking ticket was issued BEFORE driving off in anger. Please be sure to includ

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