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Kevin Bradford Legreide

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  • An attorney who actually works at representing his clients

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    Hired attorney

    I am not a teenager any longer, nor have I been for quite a few decades. Therefore I have had my own as well as witnessing how the majority of attorneys respond and react towards and for their clients. In short, Mr. Legreide did two main things, one a double fold thing, that most attorneys either cannot do or will not do for whatever reason that might be.

    One, when he took on my case, he had me come into his office and he had laid out in front of him on the big conference desk we were at all the documentation I had sent to him to work with. He therefore already took who knows how long to organize the material which means HE STUDIED IT before I ever came in to go over what we were going to do. Some attorneys have their clients come into their office to talk about things, but they seem never to really understand what the problem is. Mr. Legreide understood what I needed and filled in the blanks in a sort of brainstorming way, meaning he did not just push things aside but found the most positive ideas to present that would be used to have my case heard before a judge.

    Next, when we got to court, he spent a long time attempting to negotiate with my adversary, who was filing charges against me, even though the other attorney virtually constantly pushed Mr. Legreide aside no matter how many times and ways Mr. Legreide attemped to say the same thing in different ways to maybe come up with a final agreement in my favor. That not being done, we finally went before the judge.

    While in front of the judge, he initially presented the paperwok in such a way that the judge recessed court and went into his chambers to go over the complaint. While waiting for the judge to return, Mr. Legreide used every minute organizing all the paperwork and exhibits we had for my defense having the court clerk do his bidding in getting everything organized without leaving out anything. In other words, he took charge of the court personel rather than slithering in asking them to help him organize. He took charge and told them what he needed and they responded to him without question.

    Next, when the judge finally came out from his chambers, he asked for both counsels to come back with him into his chambers. They were back there for maybe an additional 20 minutes and then they all came back out and we reconvened. The judge came right to the point and ordered my adversary to get his own "ducks" in order by giving him two weeks to do it. If not done by that time, we were to be back before the judge and he would then make that decision himself as he saw fit.

    So even though I have no idea what went on behind closed doors, I can say that Mr. Legreide took charge as though he had always been in the command seat and it all worked out for the best in my benefit, something that would not have happened if he did not take charge or care enough before hand to organize everything and then take the time to ACTUALLY THINK of ways to help his client rather than just letting the prosecuting attorney and his client have whatever they wanted just to get the job over with.

    In all the years I have been arouhd, I have never seen such an attorney work for his client in front of the court directly. What I have seen are attorneys who like to claim that they know it will not be to anyone's benefit to build a case so just let the adversary get what they want and leave it at that. I also understand that all perspective clients to any attorney means bringing in their problems, which is personal to them, to someone who hears other people's problems all day long. After so long of that, the attorney starts to get burned out. Not yet with Mr. Legreide. He is worth every penny.

    October 22, 2015/Thurs

  • knowledgeable and very helpful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christina S.

    Mr. Legreide has assisted us with several real estate matters. He has always been extremely helpful and has a broad knowledge base. I will continue to utilize he and his team for any future matters. We've always received top notch service and attention in all areas. I highly recommend Mr. Legreide, who will remain our attorney of record, we couldn't be happier with his services.