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  1. Hi, I had a ticket for careless driving with no accident. I went to court, the prosecutor removed my 2 points.

    Answered over 4 years ago.

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    If you and the prosecutor came up with a plea agreement, this agreement still needs to be placed on the record with the judge. It is likely that they still have your signed agreement but are just giving you a court date to place it on the record. You should not have left the court until it was placed on the record the first time, but now unfortunately you will have to go back and complete the agreement. If they do not have the plea agreement on file, it is possible you will have to bargain...

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  2. My rights as a custodial parent

    Answered over 4 years ago.

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    A parent always has rights to visit with a child. It is unfortunate that he has not exercised his rights that were previously court ordered but this does not take those rights away. If he has not seen the child in 10 years, it may be necessary for the visits to take place in a therapeutic setting to start to make sure the child is comfortable.

  3. My husband and i are not yet divorced but he is no longer living at home. I have asked where he is staying and he said he does

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    He does not need to tell you where he is living unless of course your children visit with him at that residence. You have a right to know where your children are at all times.