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John Edwin Keefe Jr

John Keefe’s client reviews

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  • Very very poor service

    1.0 star

    Posted by Tony

    I am very dissatisfied with the services provided by your firm in my case.

    I note the following areas of negligence:

    1. Failure to allege bailment which severely limited my chance of obtaining damages.
    1.1 The judge commented that he could not even consider
    damages since your firm had not addressed bailment.
    2. Failure to use my expert and fact witness who saw the condition of my cards before they were sent to Lifson.
    2.1 The judge commented that this witness was necessary.
    3. Losing evidence.
    3.1 I gave you several irreplaceable catalogs and other documents that were crucial to my case. Your firm lost them.
    3.2 You firm lost my witnesses notes taken during his deposition.
    4. I went through at least three lawyers with your firm, each of whom had to be brought up to speed on my case. This leads me to conclude that you placed my case at the bottom of the barrel and merely assigned it to whichever inexperienced associate you happened to have hired.
    4.1 Abandonment of a client’s matter and lack of due diligence.
    4.2 Payment for duplication of effort by various attorneys
    5. Improper direct examination.
    5.1 You failed to ask me about how I determined the condition and value of my cards at the trial.
    5.2 There was no proper addressing at trial of the dozens of other cards which were trimmed and substituted. These were not indicated in his appraisal report(s) of my cards, the second of which was presented to the court.
    5.3 No redirect or cross examination at trial where you promised to address the crucial issue of trimmed/replaced cards.
    6. Improper Cross examination of Lifson.
    6.1 Failure to refer to evidence that would have contradicted his testimony, including but not limited to his solicitation of my high quality, high-grade cards, and the inconsistency of his communications to me.
    6.2 Lifson’s letters to the Office of the Attorney General were never addressed. Lifson clearly lied, and clearly misrepresented the value of my high-grade cards.
    7. Lack of communications on a consistent basis as indicated by my
    letters and emails of 9/18/06, 12/18/06, 1/15/06, 7/23/07, 8/27/07, etc.
    8. Up until the very day of trial I was promised a jury trial. This
    was also indicated in my claim. Instead, I was told that we were
    using a judge because that’s what the Court wanted.
    9. My last bill was paid to you in September, 2006. On January 4,
    2007 you informed me I would receive no further bills. Despite
    your promises, in July, 2008, 21 months later and less than 2
    months before the trial you send me another PAST DUE bill of
    $23,637. It was then suggested to me that I should drop my
    lawsuit so I would not incur any additional bills.

    The above is in addition to the lack of communication from your firm about which I complained numerous times.

    In all, your tactics at trial cannot be attributed to trial decisions, but instead to negligence, lack of due diligence and inexperience. As I expected, without my witness my trail was just a waste of time and money. Many important issues were just ignored at my trial. Essentially, I was just set up to lose my case. I have spent much time and money sending and discussing the same information to different attorneys with your firm, which has resulted in duplicate billing. My efforts to seek justice have been compromised. The end result was I was forced to accept at trial a box of worthless trimmed cards which were not mine. My records will show I could have accomplished as much years ago without your firm’s representation.

  • Thank you to Mr. Keefe

    5.0 stars

    Posted by The Wagner Family

    This is to commend Mr. Keefe for a great job. Not only was he successful in my case, he made my family very comfortable. If ever I need a lawyer, I would not hesitate to call on Mr. Keefe. Thank you.

  • Top Gun!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Z

    John Keefe, Jr. is not only a professional's professional, but he is genuinely a nice person with extraordinary communication skills. I am a seasoned litigator and required the services of a knowledgeable and talented personal injury lawyer who was able to handle a matter involving significantly complicated legal issues. After reviewing his professional credentials and personally interviewing Mr. Keefe, I selected him as my attorney and entrusted my case to him for handling. Not only did he resolve the matter in a shorter period of time than we had anticipated, but he did so with the expertise of a craftsman and the skill of an experienced advocate to my total satisfaction. He is the "Gold Standard" of the profession and a friendly, competent and skillful lawyer.