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  1. Can I fight a speeding ticket if the officer wrote the wrong location AND wrong speed limit zone?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Jason T Komninos
    2. Vikrant Kishin Advani
    3. Raymond Andrew Grimes
    4. Michael J Palumbo
    5. Mark M Cheser
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    I agree with the comments on the issue of fighting the ticket. Regarding your additional questions: Not all police departments equip their cruisers with mobile vision recording cameras. Recordings of motor vehicle stops are discoverable for those departments that do use the cameras. So, yes, you can use the recording to help your case. FYI: The officer may not be able to say he followed you for two miles, but the radar units mounted in the cruisers are capable of giving accurate...

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  2. Does my living will need to be on file at our Local court house and hospital?

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Jacques H. Geisenberger Jr.
    2. Ruth Elaine McMahon
    3. Sandy L. Turner
    4. Nicholas A Mircovich
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    I never heard of a requirement to file the document in court. Be sure to execute the documents in accordance with state law. Give copies to your health care reps, or, at the very least, let them know where the documents will be stored. Many use a safe deposit box for safekeeping.

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  3. Do i have to file my will with the court

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Justin Jay Watling
    2. Timothy E. Angley
    3. Steven M Zelinger
    4. Nicholas A Mircovich
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    Great advice from all Counsel. There is no requirement to file your will with the court. However, keep the will in a safe place and let your executor and loved ones know of its location. I know of many instances where family members of a deceased person spent hours searching for their will. This is just added stress for family members already grieving. I recommend using the court service if they provide safekeeping. Another option is a safe deposit box.