Frances Oliveri is a compassionate and extremely capable attorney who helped us win several victories in family court. Frances encouraged us to hire some third party experts (an employability expert and a forensic accountant) to evaluate my ex-husband and debunk many of his false claims. She also challenged him to provide medical evidence of his claim that he was unable to work, which he could not prove. This turned out to be a good strategy, and the magistrate not only dismissed his claim to reduce child support, but she found him to be willful in non-payment of past-due child support. He went to jail for 10 days, before deciding to pay what he owed! Frances alo successfully petitioned the court to make my ex-husband pay our legal expenses, and that was granted as well. Frances is tough and comnposed in the court room, and compassionate on a personal level. We can't say enough how much we appreciated having her on our side.