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Patrick X Amoresano

About Patrick Amoresano

About me

     My late father, Floyd V. Amoresano, was a truly extraordinary trial lawyer whose professional capabilities, dedication and reputation often led other attorneys to label him a "lawyer's lawyer", which ultimately inspired me to try following in his formidable footsteps.

     Unfortunately, cancer stole him from us when he was only 62, while I was still completing college at Fordham University in New York, and before he could share my joy over having been accepted to study the Law at Seton Hall University, the proud alma mater to so many of our fine lawyers and jurists here in New Jersey.

     Today, more than 30 years since his passing, it is not for me to say whether I possess even a portion of my father's professional qualities. It is only for me to say, with great pride and deep humility, that I possess his good name, and am still moved by my memories of him to keep trying...
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