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not up to par

Posted by: a Wills client about 3 years ago.

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Kept me informed

I do not recommend James Strull

I hired James more than 3 years ago.

James handled my Wills / Living Wills matter.

I have previously worked with 6-10 lawyers.

I came to James Strull to get some simple legal work done—a will—bread and butter stuff, but he wasn’t able to handle it, and I had to let him go. He kept getting confused between New Jersey and New York law and didn’t seem to know whether a particular will would even be valid or not (eventually coming to the wrong conclusion). I don’t pay my lawyer to correct his mistakes. I should also mention that he would repeatedly ask me the same questions (some of them borderline inappropriate) to the point where I began to wonder if there was something wrong with him (I’m not being facetious here). IMHO, you can do a lot better, especially for the price.