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Thomas J Major

About Thomas Major

About me

I founded a practice dedicated to resolving disputes that affect what people value the most: their homes, property and hard-earned money. The law exists to ensure that everyone plays by the rules and everyone's interest protected. When disputes arise, my job is to bring them to a positive end as quickly as possible.


I believe that most problems can be solved amicably. Being uncessarily aggressive or contentious often causes more problems than it solves. While my goal is always to resolve a problem quicky and cordially, I follow one principle: When problems can't be solved, my clients are entitled to the full protection of the law and not one penny less.


Some people talk about how stressfull the practice of law can be. They talk about how dealing with attorneys, judges and clients is difficult. I disagree. I enjoy meeting people, hearing their problems, and working my hardest to bring them the best resolution. Each day is a new opportunity to do my best to ensure the law protects everyone. 


The only problems I can't resolve come fom my dog, Zep, the Legal Beagle, (pictured above). His negotiating position is always firm: "Walk me, feed me, don't bother me when I'm sleeping." I'm still teaching him the art of compromise...unsucessfully...



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