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In re J. Seward Johnson, Sr. 1961 Trust

Case Conclusion Date: 04.03.2008

Practice Area: Trusts

Outcome: Judgment in favor of client

Description: With Alan S. Naar, Mr. Salvagno successfully represented Marty Richards, Broadway and film producer, in intensively-contested litigation before the New Jersey trial court, Appellate Division, and Supreme Court, each of which held that Mr. Richards, as a surviving spouse of Mary Lea Johnson Richards, one of J. Seward Johnson, Sr.’s children listed in a 1961 Charitable Lead Trust, is a beneficiary of the Trust entitled to receive distributions from the Trustees of the Trust. The Trust had a value at the time of the trial of approximately $300 to $350 million. The Appellate Division’s opinion is reported at 399 N.J. Super. 237 (App. Div. 2006), and the Supreme Court’s opinion is reported at 194 N.J. 276 (2008).

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