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Michael J Maggiano

Michael Maggiano’s client reviews

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  • Johnny and Olga

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Johnny and Olga

    It was a great experience working with Michael Maggiano and his wonderful staff as my personal injury attorney. The legal process can be complicated and overwhelming, but Michael explained the process in a way that we were able to understand and felt comfortable asking questions when needed.

    He is professional, courteous, patient and he knows what to expect . He will advise you what's in your best interest, but he is not going to make promises he can't keep.

    He is down to earth and very easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

  • Felt like I was dealing with family

    5.0 stars

    Posted by MrsT&me

    I recently had the misfortune to need the services of a personal injury lawyer. After checking with another trusted attorney we know we were directed to Michael Maggiano as the only attorney he would seek out in our situation . We contacted the office and met with Mr. Maggiano and were advised on how to proceed. In very short order my wife and I felt like we had known Mr. Maggiano for many years, he made it very comfortable to speak about the most intimate of subjects and feelings, advising us all the while as to what was meaningful and pertinent. The plaintiffs attorney by no means made his job easy with delay after delay but Mr. Maggiano persisted unrelenting to the conclusion, and would not accept defeat as an option. We are more than satisfied with the constant advice and the outcome and with a relationship that I think only a handful of clients ever attain with their attorney. But I also think that how we were made to feel throughout, which at best, was a difficult process, and lasted a few years, is the norm at the office of Michael Maggiano, and for his entire staff. Mr Maggiano is a true gentlemen in every respect. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him to anyone, without exception, in need of an attorney. I am fortunate to have retained him an his office.

  • Excellent Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Maggiano did very well on my case, we received 100% recovery and within a year. I highly reccommend Michael Maggiano to anyone with personal injury.

  • Outstanding Law Firm with Positive Results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jenny F

    I had serious car accident and was referred to this office by a friend. This was by far the best experience that resulted from my accident. They went above and beyond in accommodating my needs especially in times when I was unable to travel, you can basically say they held my hand during my entire process. The entire staff is awesome, kind and helpful also the entire office is decorated with ALL awards they have received, actually makes me proud that I was represented by them. During my case the defendant and his lawyer made many attempts to settle and stall, however my lawyers and their team would not stand down. I have referred a few associates to the Maggiano Law Firm and they also have been pleased with their results.

  • Medical Malpractice case results in sizable settlement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Choosing Michael Maggiano and his firm was the best decision my husband and I made at a most horrific time in our lives. Multiple doctors, with whom we had trusting relationships, were confidently telling me that nothing was wrong when, in fact, that was not the case; allowing a cancer to grow over several years to an advanced stage.

    Michael Maggiano and his incredible colleagues took our case, even though extremely complex. They patiently answered our endless questions, diligently pursued every aspect of our case, handled our anxieties; especially during trial preparation and settlement discussions. Due to their experience and skill, the final outcome was a sizable settlement.

    We hope that this message helps you make the right decision during what is probably a difficult and trying time by speaking with Mike Maggiano.

  • Superb Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Barbara

    I was extremely lucky to have Michael J. Maggiano handle my personal injury case that arose from a bad automobile accident. The compassionate treatment of me as his client and the brilliant manner in which he handled my case were equally appreciated. His communication skills kept me apprised of the progress of my case and his explanation of difficult issues kept me firmly rooted in the reality of it, too. I have recommended him to family, friends and acquaintences in the past and will continue to do so as he is not only a brilliant lawyer, but a fine human being.

  • Dedicated, knowledgeable lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melissa K.

    On June 14, 2005, I was hit by a car when crossing the street to catch the bus. Michael Maggiano represented me in my suit against the individual who hit me. Through the following, arduous years, Michael remained a steady, professional source of strength during this tumultuous, uncertain time in our lives.

    In this process, Michael was always accessible and prepared when counseling or advice was needed. Very resourceful, Michael more than a lawyer, Michael was and is like family.

    Though this is a frightening process filled with legal hearings, litigations, interviews and depositions, Michael was professional while effectively tenacious. While my family nor I were sure where my future lead in this frightening experience, Michael Maggiano was a knowledgeable source of hope for us.

    Were it not for Michael’s disciplined, experienced and effective work on my behalf, I would not live a life in which I have such promising hopes and aspirations for my future.

  • may 8 08

    5.0 stars

    Posted by carmelo

    Michael is a true professional, knowledgeable and meticulous in his approach to the case on hand.
    I had the privilege to be represented by him, a couple of years ago, and the outcome was favorable to me. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who requires a top caliber lawyer

  • I Wouldn't Choose Any Other Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carolynn

    I retained Mr. Maggiano after an auto accident. I found him to be well informed as to legal issues involved with the courts as well as very responsive to my questions and needs. He is also extremely knowledgeable when dealing with the many doctors and specialists I needed to visit during my recovery.

    I would highly recommend Mr. Maggiano to my family, friends and business acquaintances. I was very impressed with his services.

  • The Best Attorney In The Business!!

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Edward

    I retained Mr. Michael Maggiano in September of 2008 for a case. My case has involved multiple witnesses and is a complicated case with many issues. Mr. Michael Maggiano took on this case and has worked tirelessly with me and my involved family members.

    I am in Law Enforcement and I have worked and retained Lawyers many times in the past, some of the things that impressed me the most about Michael Maggiano, is his passion and devotion to each case that he takes on. He does not take on a big case load, specifically due to the fact that he dedicates so much of his time to the cases which he has at that specific time.

    I can tell you that I have seen him working in his office and devoting significant amounts of time to his clients cases. I can also tell you that he is usually the first person in his office each day and the last person to leave his office every day. He has worked on my case on Weekends and Holidays. I can tell you that I was shocked when I received phone calls from Mr. Maggiano on Thanksgiving, Easter, and New Years Day, and tell me that he was in his office working on my case and needed me to answer a few questions.

    If you have ever worked with an attorney or retained an attorney, we all know that most of the time attorneys sometimes are very hard to get in touch with. However, Michael Maggiano, has always provided me with his cellular phone number, has always responded to my emails in a timely manner, and has always assisted me anytime I had a question or a concern.

    Michael Maggiano has a great staff at his law firm. I have worked with his Paralegal’s and office employees multiple times and they are extremely professional and in my opinion are the backbone of this law-firm. One of the things that has impressed me most, is the preparation that Michael Maggiano and his law firm dedicate into each case. I can tell you that my particular case has involved the taking of multiple depositions. Michael Maggiano introduces a videographer in the taking of each deposition which is extremely powerful because instead of not only reading a deposition in court, the judge, jury or fact finder, can actually see the emotion of the person being deposed rather than reading it on paper.

    There are so many things that I can write as to why you would bring your case to this Law Firm. Too many to list.

    I can tell you that if you are fortunate enough that if Michael Maggiano takes on your case, then you have STRUCK GOLD in an attorney representing you.

    Good Luck with your case and may this message find you in good health.