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Gintare Grigaite

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by waynebard

    From K1 visa to Green Card, the best advice, the best service, the best attorney.

    Gintare helped us from start to finish, it all started with a K1 visa for someone I found online and it bloomed into me traveling to visit her in her country of the Philippines.

    During our visit together things worked out so well between us that we decided to take the next steps. This step involved Gintare for her immigration expertise. Our goal was to bring her here to the US as soon as possible. Upon discussing my options with Gintare she advised us that the quickest way would be a K1 visa, so taking her advice this is the way we went.

    She expertly prepared the papers, working with us to obtain many documents, photos, and correspondence. This is a crucial step, as proving your case is a must. She prepared the paper work and sent it off. The initial approval of the visa was very quick, within about 90 days.

    Next step was traveling to Manila for her interview, many people before us were denied for lack of paperwork or other reasons, and most interviews were taking 15 to 20 minutes. When it was our turn it took less than 5 minutes as every aspect of our case of perfect. Thanks of course to Gintare, all the papers she helped us to prepare were now in Manila. Visa Approved.

    Jane arrived on a K1 visa on March 11, 2014 and we were married in required time frame of 90 days for a K1 visa. Upon getting married we once again hired Gintare for Jane’s change of status, required for the transition from K1. Within 2 months Jane received her work authorization and her social security card.

    We filed for change of status in May of 2014 within 1 year Jane received her (Green Card) permanent resident card. Our interview was waived because Gintare provided such great guidance, advice and proof of our case from the start.

    We owe our new life to Gintare, so many questions, so many concerns, she helped us every step of the way, and she always answered our questions and our concerns. It is a very stressful situation, the laws are very complex and navigating them without expert help is like a minefield. One wrong choice or decision could put your case in jeopardy.

    I advise anyone whom is having an immigration issue, to contact an expert attorney. Gintare goes far and beyond an expert. We will always thankful for Gintare and her partner Shokry. Also we would like to Thank PJ, for her devotion, caring and expert assistance throughout this entire process.

    Jane & Wayne

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Racquel

    Very happy client! : )

    After some couple of rejections from different lawyers and immigration services, comes Atty. G. Grigaite. She did all the possible ways to make my mom's complicated case as smoothly as possible. She did her research and work on it! Looking for every inch that could possibly happen, either good or bad. That's how she started the case. Now, my mom is a greencard holder! With her intellectual capacity on what she do, she really is an exceptional lawyer to work with. Both she and her assistant are very knowledgeable, kind and easy to work with. I highly recommend her office. I am a very satisfied and happy client! She really makes a difference!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica


    Lawyer Gintare Grigaite handled our Asylum case. We got approved and granted Asylum recently. Her expertise and knowledge about the case is exceptional. She is an outstanding lawyer!

    I am writing this review to reach each and every one of you with regards in finding the right lawyer. Dealing with immigration cases is all about our life and our family’s future and this is a path for us to build a better future, pursue our dreams, protect and secured the lives of the next generations of our family. This is a big deal for all of us and hiring the right lawyer is the most important part of our case.

    Lawyer Gintare Grigaite took our case like it’s her own. She is diligent, dedicated and professional with her work. She looks at the small details. I was impressed by the depth of her knowledge. We spoke to some immigration lawyers and with all, it is Lawyer Gintare who clarified all the information that we have to know in the entire process. She showed compassion in our case and has been always there in our journey.

    Knowledgeable, professionalism, exhibits a good work ethic, and a woman of integrity is how I can describe Lawyer Gintare.

    On behalf of my husband and our entire family, our sincerest thank you to Lawyer Gintare Grigaite, this is a history in our family that will never be forgotten. Because of her, our future and our children’s future will be secured for the rest of our life. Great work and we truly appreciated your hard work in our case.

    I highly recommend her for anybody who wants to have a reliable lawyer. She is a lawyer who will protect you, who will be trust worthy during the entire process and will treat your case as her own.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Adel Alchamat

    "My Lawyer Gintare Grigaite helped me every step of the way with my case. I am thankful to have her on my side."

    I and my wife came across Grigaite & Abdelsayed law office along Broadway in Bayonne. I found the office professional and the signage on their window is very informative that I was able to know right away that they can provide the service that I need. Lawyer Gintare was available right there and then. I am seeking help to apply for Asylum with my wife. She assisted us promptly and took all the information that she needed. Lawyer Gintare is very knowledgeable and expert with Asylum cases. Very helpful in explaining how the whole process works and on how I will be protected. From the day I stepped into their office I felt like she truly wants to help me get the best care I can. I was dealing with a lot of stress since my country is in civil war, I am feeling hopeless because of the situation of my family and lawyer Gintare has truly helped put my mind at ease knowing I have someone backing me up.

    I was so impressed with how she accommodated us on our first visit so, I went back to her office and with all my heart, I entrusted her with my lives and my family’s lives, she gave me hope to build my life and pursue my dreams. Lawyer Gintare and her associates was with us every step of the way ensuring that everything was filed correctly and on time and even asking for more in order to have more evidence with which to aid our case, she work diligently with attention to details, write concisely and achieve results is striking.

    During the process, she advised me to apply for Temporary Protected Status and got approved after 3 months. We were able to get work authorization and Social and lived normally in United States without any fear. We patiently waited for our Asylum interview date and my lawyer followed up constantly with Asylum office in a timely manner. She does her research consistently on my country’s condition and she files it with Asylum office to keep my case updated.

    Because of her persistence in getting us the interview date, we finally got scheduled by the Asylum office. Lawyer Gintare prepared us for the interview. She made sure that we both understand all necessary details in great depth. I was extremely impressed with her mentoring skills and made me confident as never before. The day of our interview was one of the most important days of my life, and knowing that lawyer Gintare is there with us gave me courage and made me feel that “we are together on this”. My family was my motivation but she was my strength on that day.

    After a month, the most awaited day has come, I got APPROVED and granted Asylum in United States. This is life changing for me and my family. I am highly impressed with her outstanding excellence in providing top-quality immigration representation. Her DEDICATION, PROFESSIONALISM, INTELLIGENCE and ability to get things done are an inspiration to me. She has the kindest heart I ever known in my life.

    There are no words to express my gratefulness with having her as my lawyer. The security, protection and peace I had during the entire process are priceless. I never had a second to of worry with anything. Together with my whole family in my country and my wife, from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely THANK YOU Gintare, we will be forever and ever GRATEFUL and we are dedicating to GRIGAITE & ABDELSAYED law office all the successes that we will achieve in our life forever.


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcos C. Moran

    The BEST Lawyer in New Jersey!

    I was referred to Lawyer Gintare Grigaite for my immigration case. I went to Lawyer Gintare's office with my wife for a consultation a year ago and she explained every information that I have to know and all the processing very well. My application processing went smoothly and fast. I got APPROVED and I am very happy together with my wife. It changed my life and my family's life completely. She is approachable, and she is always there whenever I needed her. And even when my case is done, I will surely come visit her to continue the good relation me and my family had with her. I will never forget what she has done for me and I will be FOREVER THANKFUL for that. A very good lawyer and I highly recommend her for any immigration services that you will need.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Celsa Barraza and Juan Carlos

    Best Lawyer

    My husband and I went to Lawyer Gintare Grigaite's office to apply for Provisional Unlwaful Presence Waiver or Perdon case for my husband. I am so happy because my husband was approved and processing was fast. Our lawyer gave all the information clearly and very good to immigration. She was the perfect lawyer. We are very very happy and her assistant is very good and we feel very comfortable being in their office. We will absolutely recommend her for immigration services whenever you needed.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    Competent & effective

    Gintare has a very great team! She presided over my immigration case which brought tremendous result. She was competent and knowledgeable concerning proper procedure and laws. She does what she says. The office handled all my paperwork in an organized and timely fashion. She is up to speed with things and delivers excellent customer service.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    Best Immigration Lawyer

    Informed my husband and I about every step, gave us a real expectation of the time frame. Told us everything we needed to organize together to get the documentation we were seeking. On the day of the interview, she was very prompt, prepared us well with what to expect.
    Overall she is very knowledgeable, she knows how to treat people, very courteous and professional.
    I would recommend her to anyone seeking help in any type of immigration issue, she will be honest and direct with you.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Knowledgeable lawyer

    Gintare was very professional and knowledge, and helped us with the process of adjustment of status. She explained what the process entailed, what forms needed to be presented, and kept us informed at every step. In addition, she helped us prepare for the interview, and understand the next steps in the process.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Luis

    My success

    Gintare was amazing, she kept me informed told me everything I needed I had no problems and my case was successful.