Robert A Serafinowicz

Robert A Serafinowicz

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The Law Offices of Rob Serafinowicz, LLC is located at 52 Holmes Avenue, pictured, on the second floor.
From Left to Right: Rob Serafinowicz, the great F. Lee Bailey and Bethany civil rights and trial attorney Norm Pattis at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury CT in October 2010.
From left to right: Valley NAACP President Greg Johnson, and Rob Serafinowicz at Ansonia City Hall during a meeting of the Ansonia Board of Police Commissioners scheduled to discuss Officer Mustafa Salahuddin in October 2010.
Criminal defense attorney Rob Serafinowicz.
Left to right: Rob Serafinowicz and Peter Nestir outside the New Haven courthouse in July 2010, the day Nestir's brother, Bruno, entered a guilty plea to the theft of paintings from the Yale Art Gallery.

From left to right: Valley NAACP President Greg Johnson, Ansonia Police Officer Mustafa Salahuddin, and Rob Serafinowicz enroute to a March 2010 press conference on the Derby Town Green to address the jury finding Officer Salahuddin not guilty.
Left to right: Rob Serafinowicz and Officer Mustafa Salahuddin address the media in July 2008 after Salahuddin's arraignment on the charge of larceny stemming from an allegation he took a garden hose from his employer, the Ansonia Police Department.
Left to right:  The incomparable Gerry Spence and Rob Serafinowicz in May of 2009.  Rob would like to thank his friends at Mitchell's of Westport, particularly Scott Nugent, for setting up this meeting.
Rob Serafinowicz, in the capacity of plaintiff's counsel, prepares to cross examine a witness in the April 2008 civil trial of Perrotti v. St. John in the Judicial District of Waterbury.

About Me 

Rob Serafinowicz is a criminal defense attorney who has represented hundreds of clients in a wide range of high profile criminal and civil cases.  His combative and outspoken demeanor have caused numerous adversaries to request “gag orders” in order to try and silence his outspoken nature.  His defense techniques have been the subject of articles in the New York Post, New York Daily News, Connecticut Post, Fox, and TMZ. 


Serafinowicz has extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney.  He was lead defense counsel on the largest Connecticut Corrupt Organization and Racketeering or “CORA” case ever tried to before a jury in the Fairfield Judicial District. He successfully litigated an action to prevent the government from seizing a citizen’s lawfully obtained, and possessed, fire arms in a situation where the state did not allege any criminal activity on his part.  Serafinowicz practices in both the state and federal courts and has represented clients accused of crimes in other jurisdictions via pro hac vice requests.  Serafinowicz has defended and been lead trial counsel on cases where his clients were accused of crimes ranging from manslaughter, to arson and attempted murder.  A primary focus area is the defense of allegations of sexual assault.  In 2007 Serafinowicz was defense counsel to one of multiple defendants in what was one of the largest drug seizures the State of Connecticut’s history.  This case arose from the New Haven Judicial District and involved the seizure of more than 500 pounds of marijuana within the Town of Woodbridge.


Serafinowicz represents clients in the civil arena as well.  Serafinowicz was Plaintiffs’ counsel in Zainc and Demers v. City of Waterbury Et Al., a federal civil rights action at the center of which was video footage taken by a cell phone.  Serafinowicz has represented, and continues to represent, police officers in matters related to their employment including termination proceedings and as plaintiffs in situations where their superiors have violated their constitutionally protected rights. 


Serafinowicz’s cases have been featured on WVIT 30, Fox 61, WTNH 8, WFSB 3,, and WCBS radio.  Coverage has appeared in the LA Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, New York Post, New Haven Register, Connecticut Post, Waterbury Republican American, Torrington Register Citizen, USA Today, TMZ and many others.


Serafinowicz began his career as a law student intern for famed Connecticut Attorney “Mickey” Sherman, who became his mentor and taught him at a young age what it takes to succeed in the realm of criminal defense.  Serafinowicz worked closely with Sherman, who was an ideal mentor, going out of his way to point out and teach him those lessons not found in law books.  This relationship offered Serafinowicz opportunities most have to wait years for, and allowed him the opportunity to view unique issues and situations “up close”.  This experience would be invaluable in the years to come as he dealt with similar situations on his own.  Serafinowicz then went on to the world renowned William Morris Agency’s Business and Legal Affairs Division where he became one of only two interns ever asked to continue on in the same capacity after their summer program had finished.  Serafinowicz returned to his home state of Connecticut where he began to work with close friend Mark Sherman, the son of his mentor.  The two worked in the area of Criminal Law and various civil matters and remain close to this day.  In 2005 Serafinowicz began employment with the New Haven Law Firm of John R. Williams and Associates.  While in the firm’s employ Serafinowicz focused on Criminal Defense and Federal Civil Rights Litigation.  Attorney Williams taught Serafinowicz, the most valuable lesson a lawyer can learn, to never be afraid to take a case to trial.  It was while employed there that Serafinowicz tried his first case before a jury, Kobus v. Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  Serafinowicz represented the plaintiff and obtained a monetary award for his client after the opposition refused to make any offer of settlement.  In the more than three years he spent with the firm Serafinowicz tried more than 25 cases, both civil and criminal, in state and federal court.  Serafinowicz obtained numerous acquittals for his clients, of both felony and misdemeanor charges, litigating cases involving issues of first impression such as In Re James Nardelli and cases involving such issues as whether or not an “air-soft” pistol qualifies as a “weapon” under Connecticut Law.  In 2009, seeking a new challenge, Serafinowicz started his own firm, The Law Offices of Rob Serafinowicz, LLC and has offices located throughout the state of Connecticut. 


            In May 2009 Serafinowicz secured an acquittal for a client charged with sexual assault in the first degree in the Ansonia Milford Judicial District.   Serafinowicz used a great deal of information obtained through the diligent work of his investigators from social networking websites such as “Facebook” and “Myspace” to impeach the credibility of person who had made the allegation.  Serafinowicz followed up by securing another acquittal for a client charged with the same offense in the Waterbury Judicial District just a few weeks later.  In March 2010 Serafinowicz secured an acquittal on behalf of his client Mustafa Salahuddin, a highly decorated Ansonia Police Officer who was accused of stealing a garden hose from within the department. The garden hose had been found in its original packaging before a criminal investigation was even commenced and the prosecution was nothing more than an attempt at payback on the part of his superiors within the department for Salahuddin’s standing up against numerous discriminatory departmental practices.  It took a jury only a few minutes to return a verdict in favor of his client.  The City of Ansonia then agreed to pay the entire cost of Salahuddin’s defense. 


In 2012 Serafinowicz began defending the Original WWE Diva and 2011 WWE Hall of Famer Tamara "Sunny" Sytch on charges pending in the New Haven Judicial District.  This case received national attention and was repeatedly covered by TMZ.


Rob is a 2001 graduate of the University of Connecticut, Cum Laude and a 2004 graduate of University of Connecticut School of Law.  He is admitted to practice in the State of Connecticut, the Federal District of Connecticut and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  He has acted as a Judge for the Mock Trial Program at the University of Connecticut School of Law and New York Law School.  In 2009 the Ansonia Chapter of the Martin Luther King Brotherhood Committee honored him with their annual achievement award for his “profound sensitivity to individuals and injustice within the judicial system”.  The same year Serafinowicz also received Official Citations from both the Connecticut Office of the Secretary of State and Office of the Attorney General.


Serafinowicz has been named a "Super Lawyer' in 2011 and 2012 and was ranked as one of New England's top criminal defense attorneys in 2011 and 2012. He is a Life Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.