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Andre Cayo’s client reviews

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  • Super Star Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Andre Cayo is exceptional. He is dedicated to proving his clients innocence. Andre is very detail-oriented, extremely knowledgeable, and a bear in the court room.

    I am blessed to have met Andre. His persistance, take charge approach, and tenacity was instrumental in proving my innocence to the prosecutor.

    I highly recommend Andre for his his work ethic and expertise in law.

  • precise focused 100% on your side

    5.0 stars

    Posted by moses

    I am in the business of building homes, additions, and general contracting. In this business it is impossible to not be in litigation on a regular basis. I have 12 lawyers on speed dial in my phone and only Andre Cayo do i call on a regular basis. I have 34 years experience in construction and there have been lawyers with me every step of the way. Some take your money and do nothing, others are only negotiating on behalf of the opposition while charging me for time. One recent attorney took $ 4000.00
    to bring suit for $72,000.00 owed to me. This attorney called the client direct collected $ 10,000.00 kept
    it, never filled any court action and claimed all kinds of expenses that had nothing to do with the case.
    The bar association is a good old boys club and after accepting my grievance they asked Atty Cannately to take further accounting classes. When i googled Atty C I found that this man had stolen money from his clients many times before. The bar association further told me that they are not a collection agency. You will not find an attorney that will attempt to collect for damages from the bar association. After 6 years of being told by many attorneys that they could not help i found Andre. This man is a friend on my side. I collected from the bar association because of Andre's help. Just imagine how fearless and righteous this man is that he was willing to take on the bar association
    on behalf of a stranger.
    With Andre you are working with a compassionate fellow human being. I rather not have the pretense,
    the bombast, the phony act that comes along with most high flying lawyers. Andre is a genuine person that has only your best interests at heart. After 34 years I can say that it is a mater of heart
    as to whether or not you can succeed in your struggles.

  • Attorney saved me from 5 Years of jail

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    After my lawyer told me to accept the 5 years of jail as a plea bargain for something I did not do, a friend recommended that I go see Attorney Andre Cayo because she said "He will help you. They falsely arrested him and he might be able to help you because he went through the same thing..." After I told my story to Attorney Cayo, he said he could beat the case if I could help him gather the evidence to support my story. I cried every time I went to Court because I said "How could I be facing 20 years for something I didn't do and why they want me to do at least 5 years?" All the while Attorney Cayo told me to pray that we get the evidence and everything was going to be OK. Attorney Cayo told me not to worry and that the way to beat the system is to actually prove your innocence and not wait for the so-call "Innocent until proven guilty". Attorney Cayo took my case in September, this past February 2014, he got the case dismissed after gathering evidence of my innocence and filed a motion for SPEEDY TRIAL (he basically told them to bring it on). Yes, he had to do the police work. He had to listen to the 911 calls they never cared to listen to, he had to find witnesses. No, he did not rely on the scientific investigation and circumstantial evidence of the police on which they relied to charge me with crimes.
    Thank you Cayo.

  • Attorney Cayo was God sent and I am so thankful and greatful for all his help.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    How do I begin to explain all the help Attorney Cayo provided to me in my divorce case? A few brief adjectives:

    Exceptional, Professional, a Fighter for his clients. If you want a "shark" attorney, give attorney Cayo a call. Tough and stern in court, Very detailed with facts and evidence. He helped understand that it's not about what happened but what you can prove. Efficient, Compassionate and understanding

    Attorney Cayo was God sent and I am so thankful and greatful for all his help.

  • Experience with Andre Cayo

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Andre Cayo is inexperienced and lacking in the most basic principles of law. His lack of preparation, expertise, and aura of entitlement that he projects because he is from another country, is at the very least condescending, arrogant, and offensive to all that he comes into contact within a professional legal setting. During my experience with him this past year, he has failed to show up for a scheduled appearance date, been over two hours late for another date, was unprepared with the proper legal documentation for a 3rd date, failed to enter a notice of appearance on a 4th date, and was unprepared with again, the proper legal documentation for a 5th date. He has no level of expertise or appropriateness, personal or professional, and presents his arguments as though he has a vendetta against the court system for apparently "wronging" him at one time. He also projects a severe and obvious dislike and offensive remarks pertaining to the female population. He fails to conduct the appropriate investigations into his client's activities, and therefore presents his arguments in such an unorganized and hurried fashion, he makes a fool of not only himself, but his clients as well. He appears to be one that is inclined to "ring the cash register" in failing to knowingly and properly conclude a case.