Ok... Justin needs to get some recognition. Before hiring Justin, I had hired 3- 4 lawyers who talked the talk but couldn't do what they promised. My case was messed up and denied several times. Even my appeals were denied and I gave up hope. I remember I'd walked into a lawyers office, and they will review my case and tell me to go back to my country or can't help me.

So I took matters into my own hands, spent 3 nights reading my case line by line. I was asking myself, what did the lawyers missed? All I wanted is to be legal and do the right thing. After doing tons of research and researching into lawyers (tired of finding an average lawyer) I settled for Justin.

Before I hired Justin, I did research into cases he has handled and his background. I realized he takes on the most difficult cases and wins it. Some of his cases have been publicized. I mean very very difficult cases and he won them.

So here I was..

- My Initial Green Card through Marriage Denied (Average Lawyer)
- My Vawa Case Denied (Average Lawyer)
- My Vawa Appeal Denied (Average Lawyer)

So I filed a U- Visa myself. Immigration processed it and asked for RFE (Request for evidence). I sort Justin out. I camped out of his office until he was able to see me. I wasn't taking NO for an answer. He was honest and said, your case is going to be difficult but I will do my best. And he did.

In my RFE, He actually found errors in my first 3 applications and backed it up with statutes. As I type up this review, my case has been APPROVED. Justin didn't charge me an arm and a leg. He was very reasonable and very professional. If you need a Master Immigration lawyer, go see Justin Conlon. You wont be disappointed.