Pamela Panoushek v. John Olson, Bernie Webster,and Bernie Webster Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Lars A. Lundeen

Case Conclusion Date:May 13, 2009

Practice Area:Personal Injury

Outcome:Confidential settlement in favor of Plaintiff

Description:Ms. Panoushek was a new tenant in a W. Rutland apartment building owned by Mr. John Olson and whose plumbing was maintained by plumber Bernie Webster, whose license had lapsed and who used unlicensed personnel to make a hot water tank installation at Mr. Olson's apartment building. The negligent installation resulted in severe scalding to Ms. Panoushek when she took a shower in her new apartment. Plaintiff's hospitalization and other medical expenses exceeded $189,000. Plaintiff alleged negligent maintenance of the plumbing fixtures and noncompliance with the applicable plumbing code when the hot water tank was installed without a code compliant mixing valve to modulate the hot water to plaintiff's shower.

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