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Michael J O'Toole

Michael O'Toole’s client reviews

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  • Untrustworthy to the max

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    Mr OToole really disappointed my family by doing the bidding of the opposing party on our case. Clearly money, not integrity ranks highest to OToole. We had a property dispute case caused at least in part by OToole who recertified plot lines of a mortgage survey and did not suggest we survey the property. Our house, the oldest, by far of it's abutting properties, clearly had adverse possession advantage which OToole refused to pursue. He even said to me " The (neighbors) could charge me a million dollars fir the @five by 93 foot piece of land" clearly outrageous. We wished to fight it as neighbors "bought" land knowing it was a disputed piece used by our home for @100 years. He ignored us and was viciously argumentative over the phone at a time my mother was dying and I had bronchitis. I suggest he was really representing the other party and not subtly. Finally we just fired him and never heard from him again. To me very shocking as he was a sworn fiduciary who must protect our rights and act for our benefit. Surely he did the opposite. What motivation? Gue$$! Bad, scary!