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  1. Bad experience

    Posted by Laurie, a Car Accident client,
    Overall rating
    Kept me informed
    • I do not recommend Stephen Brown.
    • I hired Stephen 6-12 months ago.
    • Stephen handled my Car / Auto Accident matter.
    • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

    I was hit by a car and suffered post concussive and other symptoms that led to lost income, etc. Stephen Brown took on my case for a little while and made many decisions without my knowledge or consent, e.g. agreed to a high low with the insurance company. He hired people supposed to represent me that he made me pay for who presented as against me without helpful information (whose data in the end was never used). He was not present and actions/decisions were made that were not helpful or supportive ruined trust thereafter. He said the case was not strong and I should settle between $20-$40k when my lost wages alone were $60k and the girl admitted fault in hitting me and damages were obvious/known, etc. I decided to move on and went with Peter Merrigan in Boston . He was warm, extremely intelligent, hardworking, and a trustworthy person. Peter managed to get the insurance company to give us everything that we asked for (4x what Mr. Brown wanted me to settle at). It was not a good experience with Mr. Brown and I was very happy to have made the decision to move on (not just due to a fair and higher settlement in the end, but I felt supported by Peter Merrigan and trusted him 100% to just do whatever he needed to do). He hired people that brought data to the table that was instrumental in assisting the case ..and brilliantly so (Peter Merrigan). He also didn't make me pay for these people upfront as Mr. Brown had, but instead took it out of the settlement at the end. Arbitrators, judges, other lawyers and clients alike all love Peter and that too was helpful when it came time to settling. I was happy I moved on.

    1. Stephen C. Brown

      Stephen C. Brown

      Lawyer Comment:

      At Brown Law we pride ourselves on the highest Client Satisfaction, as reflected in the testimonials on our website. When learning of this review, which was contrary to a recent e-mail received from the client, I immediately contacted her to discuss her concerns but she declined my attempt to do so. The statements do not reflect my understanding of the case.

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