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  1. I got pulled with 14g of marijuana and a scale in NH misdemeanor charge first time , possible outcome?

    Answered 20 days ago.

    1. James David Rosenberg
    2. Kelvin P. Green
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    In NH, possession of a modest amount of marijuana continues to be treated as a criminal offense although there are non-criminal results which may be possible through effective negotiation and defense of the case. The fact that it is a crime, however, means that the case ought to be taken seriously. Simple possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor, but the facts that you suggest exist here could give rise to more serious consequences. Possession with Intend to distribute can be treated as a...

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  2. 18 yo college student arrested and charged with unlawful transportation of alcohol and license prohibition, no priors

    Answered 20 days ago.

    1. Joseph Caulfield
    2. James David Rosenberg
    3. Raymond R. Mello
    4. Michael Adam Arbeit
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    Transportation of Alcohol is a violation, which is not a crime. I am not certain what you are referring to when you say, "license prohibition" - I would need to know more about that charge to understand if it is a crime or violation and assess the potential consequences. Transportation of alcohol does have some difficult consequences - a conviction typically leads to a fine and a 60 day license loss. Smart people that research their rights can have reasonable conversations with local...

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  3. Will I get arrested if. for trespassing

    Answered 21 days ago.

    1. James David Rosenberg
    2. Alan James Brinkmeier
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    The answer to this question depends on whether or not a report of your presence is made to law enforcement. A police officer or resident could contact the police and police could respond to make contact with you. Police officers have discretion to bring or not bring charges. Many officers would simply ask you to leave the area. Others might actually make an arrest. Trespassing is a Misdemeanor, which is a crime. If you are investigating an accident scene, injury or property issue, it...

  4. I was convicted of a misdemeanor in 2004 RSA 318-B:2,1 Possession of marijuana. What do I need to state on petition of annulment

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. James David Rosenberg
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    You can find the annulment statute at RSA 651:5. Generally speaking, a Misdemeanor may be annulled after 3 years following the completion of the terms of your sentence, assuming that there have been no other convictions for crimes or major motor vehicle driving violations since the conviction that you seek to annul. Typically, you may go to the Court where you were convicted, request the annulment form and file it. There is a filing fee, which I believe is $100 per conviction. While this...