Attorney Caulfield agreed to take my case and represent me at a time when I was confronted with an immediate filing deadline for a critical court document attendant to a soon to be convened court appearance..

He immediately took control of the case and requested relevant documentation/information required to provide a complete and timely response to the court filing.

Attorney Caulfield engaged in various other communiqués with the opposing party and always informed me of his initiative and the response he received.

Prior to the court date attorney Caulfield attempted to resolve the case to avoid the time and expense of attending the court hearing and perhaps a follow up trial.

Attorney Caulfield accommodated the scheduled hearing date, arrived early at court on the hearing date and was thoroughly prepared for the case.

Attorney Caulfield remained focused on my case and exhibited and “economy of action” to the extent he did not engage in extraneous or superfluous communications In order to generate additional or unnecessary fees.

As well, I appreciated the “reality checks” attorney Caulfield provided based upon his 30 plus years of legal practice.