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Nicholas Howie

Nicholas Howie’s client reviews

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  • Not Guilty OUI 2nd

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I came to Attorney Nicholas Howie staring at an OUI 2nd offense. I was nervous and unsure about the legal process. Attorney Howie was very patient as he explained everything step by step. Once at trial, he displayed an unparalleled knowledge of OUI law. I was extremely satisfied with my dealings with Attorney Howie and would recommend him to anyone in a similar position.

  • Thank You!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sally

    Nick Howie was clear and knowledgeable about what to expect during my boyfriends trial. He really made us comfortable about calling with questions and always returned our phone calls. We will always recommend his services and we are very thankful we hired him.

  • First OUI >>> NOT GUILTY!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nick

    I reached out to 5 different lawyers before I decided to hire Nick Howie. Not only was he affordable, he brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table.

    He guided me through the whole process and he never once led me to believe any false expectations. He was always honest about everything.

    One thing I noticed about Nick that really stood out, was the fact that he seemed to know everyone in the court. I remember during one of the court dates, he had me in/out of there within 30 minutes (he was able to talk with the court officer to put my file at the top.

    During the trial, he had a great game plan. Even though the trial process was nerve wracking, he helped make me feel comfortable with this difficult situation.

    After about 6 hours of Jury selection, testimony and deliberations, I was found NOT GUILTY!

    If you need a great lawyer for an OUI case, I highly recommend Nick Howie! I would give 10 stars if I could.

  • Not Guilty, Somerville District.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nelson

    Last St. Pattys’s Day I did something pretty stupid: I thought it would be a good idea to drive into Boston after drinking. I was pulled over for speeding on 93 in Somerville, and after failing my field sobriety test, I was arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated. It didn’t hit me how bad I had just screwed up my life until the next morning. I didn’t really know what to do, who to contact to represent me, or how much it was going to cost, so I did what any other person would do: I Googled it. I found the listing for Nick Howie, and after reading someone’s review of him, I thought he sounded like a stand-up guy. I went and met with him the following week and left his office with not only a better understanding of the procedures involved in a DWI case, but also with a huge weight off my shoulders. He was straight forward with me about our chances of beating the charges, he didn’t judge or look down on me for making a mistake, he didn’t take advantage of me when it came to his fees, he was generally a nice guy, and he was very pleasant and easy to talk to. It took a few months to resolve everything due to delays by the prosecution, but then my trial date came up and I’ll admit that I was extremely nervous. Nick was not only professional, but really knew what he was doing. If there is one thing in this world you want to see at your trial when the arresting officer is testifying, is a juror with a look of distrust on her face while shaking her head. I KNEW I was going to be ok after that. During deliberations, Nick hung out with me, we went and got a couple burgers for lunch, and when we came back we only waited about a half hour for the jury to complete their deliberations. Needless to say, I was found not guilty of the DWI and Nick was able to knock my nearly $500 speeding ticket down to $200. It was a really good day… When it comes to lawyers, Nick is one of the good ones. I’ve contacted him a couple times since then and I can always get ahold of him and he always sounds genuinely pleased to hear from me. If ever I’m in a situation where an attorney is required, I will never hesitate to trust Nick.

  • Not Guilty OUI Newburyport.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My experience with Attorney Howie is noteworthy. I was arrested for an OUI in Salisbury, Ma and was tried in Newburyport District Court.
    Attorney Howie is a very patient attorney whom I would describe as direct, say it like it is type, has passion and open-minded. Bottomline, he LISTENS to his clients and wants to help.
    Results: Newburyport District Court, allegedly most difficult venue in the State of Mass to try an OUI. The judges are extremely professional, highly intelligent and seasoned experts. I think that place has a great deal of experienced attorneys and having an OUI there is challenging in itself. All Motions were denied and case appeared to be challenging. NOT GUILTY finding came back in about 40 minutes. Nick Howie did a great job on his closing and was articulate and focused.

  • I Highly Recommend Nick Howie

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DM

    This last year I had been going through A LOT of personal issues in my life
    and to top it off I was facing a DUI charge. I did lots of research and called
    quit a few attorneys. Some never even called back. I called Nick Howie's
    office and spoke with someone right away. She asked some basic
    questions about the incident and assured me they would be in touch. I was
    pleasantly surprised to get an immediate phone call from Nick. He never
    limited the free phone call consultation and he stayed on the phone and
    answered EVERY question I had (was very nervous being my first time
    ever accused) and really provided a wealth of knowledge and advice
    without the "guaranteed to win" attitude that most attorney's give just to get
    your business. He was personable answering my calls and returned my
    messages quickly. He was honest and genuine about my odds of winning
    the case. He wanted me to have a sober expectation without promising me
    something that may not be delivered.
    I'm excited to say I received a not guilty verdict because of Nick Howie and
    his expertise. Although there is absolutely no chance that I will find myself
    in this predicament again I would HIGHLY recommend his services and
    representation to anyone who finds themselves or an acquaintance in this
    unfortunate situation.

  • A real man of his word!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I had situation where I was in the process of restoring my driver's license, after being suspended for a number of years for a DWI 2nd offense, but got set back when I found out the DMV imposed a 2 year suspension for a breathalyzer refusal that happened like 7 years ago. I had a habitual offender status at the time and didn't decertify myself accordingly when I was supposed to and waited until the last second before going in to restore my license. Because of that mistake, the 2 year suspension started on the day of decertification. I was so upset about this especially when the hearings examiner told me there was absolutely nothing I could do about it and I couldn't appeal the decision.
    I decided to call some of the top DWI attorney's in the state to get some legal advice on whether or not something can be done about this. I had spoke with a hand full of lawyers and they all seemed hesitant, unsure, and didn't really show any confidence in taking on this case. They all said it was a difficult case and couldn't guarantee me the results I wanted and at least one of them wouldn't even take the case. I felt like there was no hope and was ready to accept my fate that is until I received a call back from attorney Nicholas Howie whom I had left a message with earlier. Nick was honest with me from the beginning and very confident he could have the 2 year loss of license revoked. He also claimed he knew the prosecutor and the arresting police officer involved. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and my gut feeling told me he was the one to get me out of this mess and so I hired him.
    To make a long story short, Nick really did end up knowing everyone involved in my case and did exactly what he said he would do and convinced the prosecutor to revoke the 2 year loss of license for the breathalyzer refusal. It was such an exhilarating feeling when Nick called me to give me the news that the suspension was revoked. It felt like a miracle had happened because all of these other lawyers made it seem like it was going to be impossible to have the suspension removed. I never even had to step foot into a courtroom and it was all done behind the scenes. It was all taken care of in just a few weeks and was done at an affordable rate too! I owe Nick my life because of his marvelous work. Life is great right now because of Nick. I honestly don't know how things would of turned out if I never hired him. He's very honest, upfront, and also a man of his word. Simply the best attorney I have ever worked with. I will always refer you and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Nick.

  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by EB

    Mr howie

    I just wanted to say how much grateful I'm for all the hard work to get my driving license back , after a long year of battle with the state to proof my inocentes to them , so finally we did it and I really appreciate your excellent work .

  • Miracle worker !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by April

    I had two cases which happened within three months of one another with no prior history. There were 6 charges for the first court date and attorney Howie presented an impeccable strategy, confidence, and respect to all throughout and defended them all and they disappeared with no record!

    If that was not shocking enough, I was then arrested for DWI a couple months later and Atty Howie pleaded in Concord for my license return and after one month of loss of license after refusing a breathalyzer, I received my license back and won of that appeal!

    We then went to court two weeks ago and presented another strategy after I had failed every sobriety test for this DWI and was just told that I have a NOT guilty on this verdict as well !

    A clean record after seven charges!

    To sum up my experience with atty Howie, he is very down-to-earth ,nonjudgmental ,works well with people and is always looking to do better taking his job very seriously yet always with a cool calm demeanor.... I felt very confident with this lawyer!

    A miracle worker as my family would say! Thank you attorney Howie! I will forever refer you!

  • Great outcome!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    We hired Attorney Nicholas Howie to represent our underage son in an OUI charge.
    This was our first time dealing with the court system in this capacity, and we soon realized how little we knew about alcohol related offenses and criminal law. The process can be very intimidating and we knew we needed a knowledgeable lawyer to help us. Nick Howie was that lawyer.
    Nick was not only knowledgeable about the law, and any new changes in it, but he was confident, professional and personable as well. We put our trust in him and it paid off.
    Our son was found with a "Not Guilty" verdict, thanks to Nick.
    We would highly recommend Attorney Nicholas Howie.