Mr. Sawyer represented my husband in his divorce from his first wife. When my husband and I went to get a loan a few years later, we discovered that the ex-wife had not refinanced the mortgage, as had been discussed. Further review of the divorce settlement showed that the draft agreement had language saying that they ex-wife would refinance, but the DS filed with the courts was missing that language. Because that language is not in the DS, the ex-wife is not in contempt of court. Mr. Sawyer has not responded our calls, emails or certified letters and we have made efforts to reach him for almost 2 years. Now the ex-wife is says she is underwater and is planning a short sale. If he had been a vigilant and detail oriented attorney, skilled in legal language, we would not be in this mess. And Mr. Sawyer remains unreachable. I would strongly encourage anyone needing legal advice to hire someone, anyone else.