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Aimee Bonacorsi

Aimee Bonacorsi’s client reviews

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  • Excellent, Compassionate, and Caring ...hihgly recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by KP

    Hired attorney

    Attorney Bonacorsi has a vast knowledge of Mass Law, professional demeanor, and patience. She was extremely patient throughout the entire process, and was always reliable and prompt explaining the best options for me and my children. From that first meeting Attorney Bonacorsi made the difficult process run a lot smoother.

    I would definitely recommend her as a compassionate, patient, responsive, and professional family attorney.

  • Competent, caring and compassionate attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I hired Aimee on the recommendation of another lawyer to help me with a mediated uncontested divorce. The mediator had not done a good job of preparing the separation agreement and Aimee was instrumental in getting everything set right. She is very experienced and well-versed in family law and specializes only in this discipline. She was always accessible and answered both phone calls and emails in a timely manner. I found Aimee to be smart, compassionate and dedicated to making sure my interests were protected. She is also very reasonable and not prone to suggesting outlandish solutions, keeping a cool head even when I was upset. I can recommend her without reservation.

  • Highly Reccomend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    Ms. Bonacorsi helped me with a modification in my divorce agreement. She was extremely knowlegable, intellegent and helpful, as my originial divorce agreement had many gray areas that needed much clairification.
    Aimee was able to guide and assist me by presenting me with all of my options and ultimately allowing me to make the final decisions. I was very impressed with how she worked with my ex-husbands attorney in a professional and timely manner as to keep my legal expenses at a minimum.
    She was extremely accessible throughout; both by phone and email. Working with Aimee, I quickly came to realize through that her caring, understanding and compassionate nature was unique to the field. Finally, I found myself in the right hands, allowing me to move forward with my life kowing that I had, at last a solid agreement that will hold strong until my child came of age.
    Her work was priceless, as I am now at ease about the future my daughter and I face.

  • Very Competent &Honest Family Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Aimee Bonacorsi has provided legal council to me through several legal matters related to my divorce as contentious situations have arisen. My original mediated agreement had been poorly written, prior to getting Aimee involved, with much unclear language concerning child support, alimony and custody, as well as many other issues. Aimee spent time with me to truly understand my situation and position, working with me and providing excellent legal counsel.
    In negotiating items related to my divorce, Ms. Bonacorsi worked diligently towards acceptable compromises between the parties while being willing to fight for me when compromise was not achievable. At times where we did need to go to court, Aimee was prepared with recent applicable case law and was proficient at navigating the judicial process as well as understanding the individual tendencies of the judges.
    Aimee has supported and represented me through situations, some highly emotional and contentious, including a child custody case, and at all times she has acted professionally and treated me and my family with respect and full support. I have recommended Aimee in the past, and will continue to recommend Ms. Bonacorsi in matters related to divorce and family law.

  • Excellent Divorce Lawyer & Person

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Valerie

    Aimee Bonacorsi helped me through a tricky and emotionally-charged divorce. She was honest with her opinions, and provided all options that allowed ME the confidence in choosing the best path and decisions for my case. I have since recommended her to several clients going through divorce, both far more complicated then my own. She handled my referrals as splendidly as she handled my case, and I will continue to recommend Ms. Bonacorsi for both her professionalism and sound knowledge of family law. My divorce was handled swiftly and compassionately, and I was given much respect and attention.

  • Good lawyer

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Beth

    She is very calming. She is professional, reasonable and willing to look at the other person's perspective. She was respective of my ex-husband and tried to get us to settle. Aimee worked hard on my behalf. She is both diligent in her work and responsive to her client.

  • Aimee is not a lawyer you want to hire if you are trying to have a mediation done and she over charges nor will refund deposit

    1.0 star

    Posted by Dan Shaughnessy

    Aimee picks sides and actually makes things work. you will realize right away she is all about the money. She will ask for a big check up front, but then not care what takes place. Watch her note taken (or not taken). it's messy arrows and unfinished notes on her yellow note pad. We terminated using her and she refuses to refund the money and it has been months.