Don't let his youth dissuade you. Jared Wood did an OUTSTANDING job on my divorce and not because he buried my ex-wife's attorney with legal BS but because he truly tried to work out an amicable settlement. The divorce was my fault (which I freely admit) & I had no desire to punish my ex-wife any further, though there were multiple points in which Jared let me know in no uncertain terms I was being more generous than I had a legal responsibility to be. He was on top of dealing with the MA Divorce Reform Act of 2011 & more than once had to explain to his counterpart the changes in divorce law that impacted the settlement in our favor. As to reponsiveness, we handled the majority of our communication via email. If he took until the next day to respond to a question or comment of mine he would apologize for his tardiness. As for his firm in general, I know my case was small potatos. They always treated me with dignity & like I was the most important client they had. I can't say enough for & about him.