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Shani Rea Collymore

Shani Collymore’s Answers

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  • How can I get permission from the cpurt to relocate my son from MA and how long does it take?

    My fiance is being stationed in Florida. My son's father will not agree with me to take my son. I am pregnant with my fiance's baby and would like to be with him for the pregnancy. How can I get permission for my son to go?

    Shani’s Answer

    Assuming you already have a child custody order, if you want to change your child custody order you will have to file for a modification with the court. You must be able to show that there is a significant change of circumstances since the custody order was entered AND that your desire to change is in the child's best interest.

    It's really up to the judge. Good luck!

    If you still have questions be sure to contact an attorney.

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  • I need a pro bono divorce attorney in Boston?

    I am in a very sad marriage. I owned my home that I inherited, and mortgaged it under pressure from my husband - he said he would always pay the mortgage. To make it short and sweet - I had excellent credit and plenty of money. I am now broke, hav...

    Shani’s Answer

    If you are looking for a pro bono divorce attorney you can contact the Volunteer Lawyers Project in Boston, You do have to meet certain income criteria to be eligible for their free services. I would contact them and see if you qualify for services.

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  • Child classes

    If you get a divorce and your child is over 18 do you need to go to a parenting class?

    Shani’s Answer

    Under Standing Order 4-08, you will only need to attend the Parent Education Program in a divorce action if there are minor children involved in the divorce. Since you said that all of your children are over the age of 18 you will likely not have to attend the Parent Education Program.

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