Born and raised in Boston, I moved away to better my life forgetting that legal issue never go away. Attorney Murray took my matter serious as well as keeping my freedom and best possible outcome in his mind every step of the way. An 8yr old outstanding bench warrant would hinder me from furthering my career as well as obtaining my drivers licence. Attorney Murray was very responsive to all my concerns and questions pertaining to my case and his responsiveness I felt was very impressive given the fact that I live in Hawaii and the time differences. I trusted he had my best interest in mind at all times. Flying to Boston and walking into a court house was very nerve racking. Before I even really could take in all that was going on around me and sitting down in the court room. My named was called I stood up to be addressed by the judge and before I knew it All My Cases were dismissed. I was in mere shock as attorney Murray pointed me out of the court room. For anyone needing legal advice and legal help, Attorney Murray is my recommendation and if I need any legal services again I know who I can trust. The one absolute above all else that I found to be A great quality of Attorney Murray is He didn't B.S. me he didn't promise me anything and gave me all the facts of what could of happend positive or negative. Ultimately he could only fight on my behalf but like in all cases the final decision was up to the judge but it helps to have someone working on your case who once worked on the prosecuting side and knows how they work and think.