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Lawrence R. Robins

About Lawrence Robins

About me

I represent clients on a variety of intellectual property matters, with a particular focus on the litigation of trademark, copyright, and related disputes; strategic trademark portfolio development, management, and protection; and counseling on the use and protection of copyrighted works. My areas of industry and technical experience include information technology, search engines, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer goods, financial services, restaurants and clubs, furniture and design, food and beverage, and sports and sporting goods.

In my copyright practice, I assist clients in designing and implementing policies both to protect their own copyrightable works and to ensure the appropriate use of the works of others, including the use of open source software. I am an experienced copyright litigator and also assist clients in enforcing their rights via the U.S. Immigration and Customs Service.

In the trademark area, I work proactively with clients to develop and implement trademark management programs designed to maximize the return on investment in both marketing and legal expenditures relating to brand management. I represent clients in trademark/unfair competition disputes in the federal and state courts, before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and via alternative avenues of dispute resolution such as arbitration under the ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy.

In my transactional practice, I prepare and negotiate agreements involving computer software, hardware, e-commerce, and other technologies. The transactions have included license, distribution, development, OEM, VAR, and joint venture agreements. For more than 15 years, I have been involved in Internet-related transactions including co-branding, joint site development, web hosting and site development, and content licensing.