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John Brooks Seed

John Seed’s client reviews

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  • I wouldn't ask for a better lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Omar

    Hired Attorney

    Mr John Seed is the only lawyer I would trust to help me in the city of Brighton. John is Incredibly smart and outgoing. Gave me the best advice and got the issue resolved In a fast and easy manner.

  • Consummate professional with lots of experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rocio

    Hired Attorney

    I hired John Seed to represent a family member with an OUI. Although an attorney myself, I wanted someone with OUI experience in the state. John was every bit a professional, knowledgeable, empathetic and always available. We decided to go to trial and he secured a favorable verdict. I couldn't be more happy with the outcome and the service. I highly recommend for anyone in a similar situation.

  • John Seed is the REAL DEAL

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Hired Attorney

    John handled my very complicated first time OUI offense along with two other charges flawlessely. My affiliation with a local law enforcement agency made things complicated, and right off the bat, John got my case to remain in my local district court.
    Once in court to make a plea for a CWOF (the evidence against me was very strong as well as my voluntary breathalyzer of 2.5 BAC and a very bad field sobriety test) as requested by me, the prosecution recommended that I be charged as guilty. The judge agreed. After John worked his magic, THE JUDGE CHANGED HIS MIND. He agreed to a continuance without a finding. Having no convictions was paramount to me, and John managed to make it happen against all odds and a scathing police report read aloud to the judge, saying I drove on the sidewalk. If you're thinking if just pleading guilty at arraignment, DO NOT.
    CALL JOHN SEED, DON'T GO IN ALONE. His fees we're very reasonable, and a flat fee. He also has the option of payment plans. I recommend John 100% for legal defense.
    Thanks John!!

  • Best attorney in town!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Trang

    Hired Attorney

    Dear John,
    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work, effort, and kindness to my case. The moment I first saw you at the consultation, I knew that I had met the right person, and yet, you'd proved me right! And today, finally the wait has ended, we won! I can't thank you enough for helping me during this past stressful time, you gave me not only confident but also trust! You are truly the best! Thanks again!
    And yes, I would refer you to everyone I know!

  • Knowledgeable and effective. Works honestly for your best interest and not his pocketbook. Great experience.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeremiah

    Hired Attorney

    My case was probably relatively straight forward, as far as criminal defense cases are concerned. All the same there were hurdles to overcome and decisions to be made. I would not have preferred to done either of these without John.

    I was arrested for OUI and driving to endanger, blowing a .20. I had crashed my vehicle into a stone wall, flipping it, after having had too much to drink at a local establishment. My record was clean but the crash combined with my BAC level allowed the DA to ask for harsher penalties. Between John's experience with handling many OUI cases and his extremely helpful knowledge of the various judges in the Concord court, he was able to steer the case toward the minimum sentencing.

    During the process, from phone consultation to OUI program logistics, he was extremely patient and helpful. In my opinion, he earned his fee 100%. He spent a lot of time with us in person and over the phone while never rushing or pressuring us into any decision. Our first phone consultation had been a terrible experience. The lawyer knew the material and the law, but he was very aggressive and pressured us to put him on retainer. I'm glad that we didn't make that mistake. I had another conversation with a lawyer recommended to me by a family friend. He was very kind and honest, but did not seem like he had intimate knowledge of the specifics regarding OUI. He was also not very prompt in setting up a meeting. Minutes into the conversation with John it was clear that he was exactly what I was looking for. On our first phone call he took plenty of time to outline the specifics of an OUI case, he knew all of the details and possible results. He made no mention of payment, in fact he didn't ask for payment until moments before he went before the judge. His fee is very reasonable, especially for what we was able to offer. He happened to have another case in the Concord District Court the very next day, so we decided to meet him there. After his first case he sat down with us to discuss the various options in detail and at length. He explained to us the various judges sitting on that day and the likelihood of verdicts that each would give. After our approval, he explained that depending upon which judge was assigned to hear my case he would either proceed with the hearing or pull the case until another date in which we would have a more favorable judge. We were lucky and received the judge he preferred, and from there it was relatively straight forward. However, afterward, once he was truthfully no longer obligated to spend any time with me, he continued to accompany me to complete all of the paperwork and make logistical decisions regarding the courses and programs.

    I was very happy to have John represent me. I think that if I had not, the case would've been drawn out longer with a potentially harsher result. I highly recommend giving him a call.

  • A true miracle worker; a rising star in the Greater Boston Area

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Let me begin by bringing attention to how I retained John Seed. After a joint investigation by the FBI, DEA, ATF, and local police and arrests of multiple connections in various states, heavy charges were brought against me and a warrant was issued for my arrest. There was tremendous media coverage for our case, and John Seed was recommended to me by a family member in California. This particular relative had a business venture with two prominent attorneys in California, and they researched the specifics of all the available attorneys in the Greater Boston Area prior to recommending John Seed. The charges carried the possibility of indictment to a higher court as federal drug trafficking charges along with possession of illegal firearms, so these prominent attorneys were seeking a former district attorney with considerable experience who had converted to a defense attorney, along with a trial win/loss record that was quite formidable. John Seed was the attorney they preferred based on his experiences and record, and we moved forward and retained him. He is a patient and understanding person, and due to the nature of the extremely biased judgements; virtually all the available funds I had were depleted just to make bail. He allowed me to pay him in payment form based on the trust he had in my support network and my work history. He is an extremely aware individual as well, and his manner in handling the case emphasized his ability to interact with others, including the judges and district attorneys. It is important to anyone of concern to understand that there was a lot of corruption and questionable activities conducted by the investigating authorities, so on a technical note the case should have been disallowed. Unfortunately, the judges were extremely biased due to the media coverage, and the district attorneys representing the state were two angry females who shared in the residing judges' biased nature, often presenting opinions instead of proven facts based on the results of the investigation with no disruption from the judges. After having been involved in court matters in various states, I had never experienced such injustice on behalf of the state (in any state), stemming from the warrant issued during the investigation followed by the procedural behaviors involving the authorities and going all the way down to the district attorneys and the judges. We here stories of situations like this in the deep south or rural areas of the country, where the judge, police and d.a. are all related; I never expected to be in this situation right outside of Boston in a heavily populated area. All of these factors truly made the possibility of a favorable resolution on my behalf AGAINST ALL ODDS. The basis for the warrant was extremely weak, and based on court precedent, John Seed drafted some incredible motions that, if true justice existed in the system today, should have easily been granted. This is where his tremendous expertise came in handy; he was able to identify the bias involved in the case from an early period. As a client with an interest and an some education in law, he presented me all of the drafts and the discovery in the case. Even in the discovery, the officers had taken the privilege of omitting unfavorable results from the tracking device they had illegally installed, as well as changing the amount and unit of measurement on specific weights of different evidence they found, all in an effort to "frame" me to look as guilty as they possibly could. In lieu of his analysis of the situation, Attorney Seed changed his approach because he knew that the residing judges would not grant his motion, even though other prominent attorneys agreed that it should be granted. The only way to have the motion passed was through appeals, and this would have resulted in unnecessary jail time. Instead, he used perfect timing to get me a miracle result of no jail time and unsupervised probation amidst a glut of bias.

  • Great person, great attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    I recently retained Attorney John Seed to represent me in a DUI case out of Woburn District Court. I knew I made the right decision to hire him from our first meeting (which he came to me due to the fact that my license had been revoked) until the time the jury found me NOT GUILTY. He was very knoweledgable in every aspect of my case. He was able to get a lot of evidence thrown out of court. He was also very good at questioning the arresting officer and convincing the jury that I was innocent. Not only was I found NOT GUILTY on my DUI charge, but I was also found not responsible on all 4 of the other moving violations I was charged with. I don't know what I would've done if I hadn't hired Attorney Seed. He is a great person and a great attorney. I highly recommend him. Thanks for everything John.

  • Amazing services

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jairo

    -I normally don’t write reviews but I felt an exception had to be made for John’s above great services.

    I hired John Seed after being arrested for my first OUI. Anyone who has lived through this experience will tell you how horrible and helpless this experience makes you feel. After calling Mr. Seed the following morning I immediately felt at ease with my situation. John took the time to answer all my questions thoroughly and walked me through all the options we had. Once we decided what angle to take John executed the plan immaculately and adjusted it as necessary while keeping me informed. My case went on for 7 months due to an over booked court but eventually ended with a truly positive outcome. John was a true pleasure to work with and handled himself in a respective yet personal manner. I am extremely grateful to have had John in my corner and strongly believe the same results could not have been achieved without his assistance. If you've ran into some trouble call attorney John Seed!

  • Above and beyond expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    I recently got pulled over for driving on a suspended license after my 2nd OUI. The mandatory penalty for this is 60 days in jail. This is mandatory, no getting around it. I truly didn't feel like I was a threat to society so instead of letting the state take away 2 months of my life, I decided to fight it. I interviewed 3 lawyers so I could see who was the most qualified and motivated to fight this with me. John Seed made the biggest impression with me because of his past history as a DA and because he didn't sugar coat anything.. 'Most lawyers will'. Throughout the whole process he was very patient explaining everything to me in simple terms that I could understand and he always gave me multiple options on how we wanted to move forward with the case. John didn't quit or try and take the easy road, even after I had paid him in full. He explored EVERY last option we had and when everything was all said and done, my charges got reduced and I stayed out of jail. This had never been done in Massachusetts before and I am certain I would not of had this result with another lawyer. His ability to communicate with the judge and the da without stepping on any toes is something of an art form and nothing short of brilliant. I feel very grateful and fortunate to have had John Seed and my lawyer.

  • forever grateful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Evan

    i'd like to take a moment and thank attorney John Seed

    I recently found myself having to answer to multiple felonies and misdemeanors in the Brighton District Court
    years of incarceration weren't out of the question,

    as if that wasn't enough' I also found myself simultaneously facing a driving after third DUI suspension in Plymouth District Court
    which all on its own carries a 60 day mandatory sentence
    I was in serious legal trouble

    it seemed that real jail-time was inevitable for me

    *however, upon meeting attorney john seed I knew instantly that I was in a brilliant attorneys full professional care and consideration

    at first site I knew he would do an amazing job for me..
    AND THAT HE DID! at every turn John proved himself an amazing legal strategist
    John's legal expertise and inner understandings of the courts were instantly evident, in addition this man was overflowing with compassion for me and my family.
    John genuinely understood my concerns and never wavered from bringing unparalleled professionalism, from the very beginning to my cases final favorable conclusions
    John is clearly a good honest attorney
    his firms hiring rates are amazingly within reach,
    even someone such as myself struggling financially without a license could afford this amazing firm,
    I was so relieved to have John around throughout these whole proceedings
    he spared no effort to make sure no harm would come to me (and it didn't)

    John's expertise compassion and understanding is truly second to none

    thank you John
    Evan and family