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Russell F Conn

About Russell Conn

About me

I have spent the past 30 years litigating a wide variety of matters, principally in business litigation and professional liability. This includes many jury trials in the state and federal courts. In recent years, I also have represented numerous executives, many at the CEO and EVP/SVP level, in employment and severance matters. I am national counsel for a major professional liabilty insurer and outside general counsel for a major Massachusetts business active in the construction industry.


Interests include spending time with my two daughters and reading, sports, and art. When I visit a new city, I check first to see what sporting events are in town and failing an opportunity there, will visit the local art museum. Favorites: The Louvre, National Gallery, Metropolitan, and MOMA. Most recent reading "find" is Haruki Murakami, perhaps Japan's most noted novelist today.