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Case Conclusion Date: 12.14.2012

Practice Area: Alimony

Outcome: favorable to husband-payor of alimony

Description: The wife of a short term marriage wanted alimony for an indefinite period of time because she allegedly had medical issues that could prevent her from being self-supporting in the future. She was hoping to pierce the durational limits under the current Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act in effect as of March 1, 2012, as there is an exception in this law that allows for indefinite payment if there is this exceptional need. I represented the husband and after a trial, the court ordered that wife's alimony would terminate in accordance with the statute. Additionally, the court agreed with my client's request that the number of months he had been paying alimony under the temporary orders be included to determine the number of remaining months he would have to pay. The court judgment was also clear that her alleged medical condition was not corroborated, which should effectively stop any future attempt by ex-wife to modify this judgment in order to extend alimony once it is terminated under this divorce judgment.

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