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  • Can i get married still?

    Asked by a user in Fall River, MA - 11 months ago.

    Yes, you can always get married. The question is whether you can get a green card out of it. There are many grounds of inadmissibility (i.e., reasons to deny your case), including criminal records,...

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  • Affordable Immigration lawyer needed?

    Asked by a user in Boston, MA - 11 months ago.

    In my opinion, you would be much better of doing this on your own than hiring an attorney who would take $750 for an adjustment of status case. No experienced immigration attorney that I know would...

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  • How to fill part 6 and 7 of form I-864 when sponsor has no income and low assets

    Asked by a user in Boston, MA - 10 months ago.

    I-864s can be confusing. Your brother-in-law can sponsor as many people as he wants, as long as he has sufficient income for his family size (you can check the income requirements here: http://www....

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  • Is possible I get perdon

    Asked by a user in Framingham, MA - 11 months ago.

    I think I know what you're asking - whether you can be eligible for some sort of an amnesty (allowing you to get some legal status in the U.S.). There is no amnesty as of right now, although...

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  • I have a Master hearing tomorrow for removal proceedings, What to expect?

    Asked by a user in Boston, MA - 24 days ago.

    Having a lawyer with no experience in this field is sometimes worse than having no attorney at all. If you don't have the money to hire a good private lawyer, get in touch with one of the free legal...

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  • Renewing green card with a conviction of a crime of moral turpitude and possibly naturalizing.

    Asked by a user in Woburn, MA - 7 months ago.

    If you had had your green card for at least 5 years by the time you were charged with larceny, then this case alone should not make you removable. But one would need to see the docket sheet and get...

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  • What to include as proof of income for solo practitioners for I-864?

    Asked by a user in Boston, MA - 7 months ago.

    If your 2012 returns shows sufficient income, then it should sufficient, along with your own statement confirming your self-employment status and explaining the lack of W-2s. Keep in mind that the...

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  • My asylum was remanded from first circuit to bia and the bia send it to ij. I have been in the us for 6 yrs without any status.

    Asked by a user in Cambridge, MA - 8 months ago.

    If you did not reject any earlier dates given by the judge, you should be eligible for an EAD.

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  • How and When can I be a citizen?

    Asked by a user in Everett, MA - 11 months ago.

    Your first question (as to the date you become eligible for citizenship) has already been answered by my colleagues. As to traveling before your exam, this would generally be OK, as long as you're...

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  • When applying COS from H1 to H4, should I continue to work on H1 till H4 is approved?

    Asked by a user in Quincy, MA - 11 months ago.

    I think you're asking whether you have, not whether you can. And the answer is no, you don't have to continue working while your COS application is pending. As long as you were in status (i.e.,...

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