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  • Talking to your Spouse About Divorce Mediation

    Are you interested in avoiding an expensive, court-based process for your divorce or other family law matter, but worried about how your spouse might react to the idea of mediation? You have arrived

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  • Telling Your Children about Your Divorce

    Telling your children about your divorce is a difficult conversation that parents dread. Basically, the key to speaking to your children about your divorce is the same as if you were painting a room - it is all about the preparation. Thus, you and your spouse should talk together...

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  • Child Support In Massachusetts - When Does It End?

    Child support in Massachusetts in covered inChapter 208, Section 28 of the Massachusetts General Laws.Child support is an important part of any divorce when there are minor children, so parents should have at least a basic understanding of child support. Make sure your divorce at...

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  • How to Evaluate Professional Practices at Divorce

    Collect Relevant Documents It is important to collect information about a professional practice similar to any other owned business during a divorce, thus counsel for the non-business owning spouse w

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  • Retirement Plans and Divorce - Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution

    What is a Qualified Retirement Plan? A qualified retirement plan is one that satisfies numerous requirements set forth by the IRS and ERISA, the Employment Retirement Income and Security Act of 1974.

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  • Pretty in Pink-The Massachusetts Divorce Financial Statement

    Explanation of Versions The rules surrounding financial statements are governed by Supplemental Probate Court Rule 401, or as I like to call it, Supplemental Probate Court Rule 401. There are two ve

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  • Divorce & College Financing

    Do Not Ignore College Funding In Your Divorce/Separation Agreement For some couples, planning for their kid's college education may seem like a distant issue that they would rather forget about. In

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  • Alternatives to Divorce Litigation

    Divorce Mediation - How An Experienced Neutral Can Help You Reach a Fair Settlement Divorce mediation is normally a voluntary process where a couple retains a neutral third-party (the mediator) to he

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