Timothy Fallon, Esq. of Bolio & Company in Dedham, MA recently represented me in a complicated civil lawsuit against an unlicensed contractor who did work for me that was of of substandard quality and was ultimately deemed to be dangerous and illegal by the inspectors who I asked to examine it. This was a classic example of a man who presented himself as a licensed, bonded contractor who in fact has no license, no bond, no insurance, does not pull building permits, uses illegal workers and substandard building materials. And, this list represents just some but not all of the never-ending problems I experienced until finally I demanded my money back and that the work be undone.
Since the contractor ignored my demand, I sought legal counsel and was referred to Tim Fallon and Jason Bolio by an attorney I know who recommended them to me. From my first meeting with Tim and Jay, I knew I was in very good and talented legal hands. It was clear that they were interested in my situation and in knowing all the facts related to it, were eager to utilize my documentation to support the case they were building, and were patient and diligent throughout the process of preparing the case for presentation to the Court. The result was that Tim and Jay worked as a team both in and outside of the courtroom and complimented each other in every way. It was very clear to me that they were determined to put on the case in an organized, thorough and complete way for both my benefit and that of the various judges who presided over the hearings as well as the final judge who heard the case and determined the punitive damages he believed I was due as a result of the acts and activities, illegal and otherwise, that the contractor caused during the course of the work he did (and never finished) and the ultimate messes (legal and otherwise) that he left behind for me to address after he walked off the job. Tim Fallon is a very smart, well organized and thoughtful attorney who has one goal in mind - representing his client to the very best of his abilities. He more than succeeded on my behalf. He was always fully prepared for whatever the opposing counsel presented and without fail, could present evidence to correct the record and refute their claims. Tim was very respectful of the judges and was able to maintain his focus and the organized presentation of the facts despite the attempts made by opposing counsel to distort them and to denigrate the truth. Like Jay Bolio, Tim was confident of their strategic thinking and their combined abilities to present the case in a meaningful way thus enabling the presiding judges to follow it step by step and to ultimately determine punitive damages commensurate with the problems caused to me by an unscrupulous and unlicensed man.
I enjoyed working with both Tim Fallon and Jay Bolio throughout the planning and the presentations of the case and felt very confident that they knew exactly what the case required, how to present it and how to prove the serious wrongs that were done. Thus, a complex case was organized and simplified for the many judges who had to hear it and the ultimate outcome was a very successful one indeed. I very highly recommend both of these attorneys and will turn to them for advice and representation at any time in the future when I feel I need the expertise of two very talented and smart attorneys. I have complete and absolute confidence in both of them.