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Patrick Joseph Heffernan

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  • First Offender OUI Charge

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maureen

    I was charged with First Offense OUI. I am in my late 40's and had never been arrested nor in trouble with the law in my entire adult life. My arraignment was scheduled within 30 hours of my arrest and had zero idea what the consequences of the charges were or the due process and what my options were, if any. After extensive research via the internet regarding this subject matter and speaking to several lawyers who specialize in OUI cases, I was referred to Attorney Heffernan.

    Attorney Heffernan called me that day to discuss my side of the events and made himself available to meet me at the District Court the next morning. Neither of us had viewed the Police Report and the charges against me until mid-morning; after court had commenced. He was quick to ascertain the events and charges and expeditiously discussed/negotiated the events with the DA, who returned to serve me with much harsher penalties/fees. I had been informed that typically, the Judge usually sides with the DA's determination of the facts; however, the Judge sided with us on all counts. All non-mandatory fines/fee were completely dismissed.

    Attorney Heffernan was by my side the entire time and informed me of every step of the process before and when those steps occurred. I was well informed of all of my options and consequences of each decision. Attorney Heffernan was very professional and courteous in his manner/delivery with the Court and was a very strong voice for me. In turn, the Judge wished to work with my attorney and consequently, the Judge completely agreed to our plea regardless of the DA's recommendations. I never would have felt at ease nor completely informed of what was occurring had I not obtained legal representation in this matter and then relieved we received the best outcome.